Monday, September 17, 2012

WOW #73: Hitting the Campaign Trail

Hi everybody! This campaigning is really fun! But it sure wears the humans out! Last weekend we went to the Puplican National Convention - better known as the BROOD Ramble - where my nomination for President was officially announced. It was a great day!

I was so excited to get there. It was a beautiful venue!

I started campaigning right away.

Hi my name is Bentley!

I hope you'll vote for me for President.

Don't forget to tell your humans too! Thanks pal! See ya later!

We brought lots of campaign buttons and bumper stickers.

We have some cool suggestions of ways to use them:

Everyone LOVED them, including all my Facebook pals.

I had the great honor of seeing De Queen again.

Bailey, as beautiful as always, was rockin' a pawsome DorothyfromtheWizardofOz look.

And Bimmer got to meet her too! She was utterly thrilled!

Bailey conferred a very great honor on us! She let us wait with her for the Ramble to begin.

Here's the actual Ramble.

If you look close you can see Mummy in the distance in this one. When we got up close to where Auntie A was taking pictures, some guy got between us and her and she couldn't get a good shot.

Here's our triumphant return from the Ramble to our campaign table.

I had to pause for a bit of friendly conversation on the way.

Campaigning is a full time job! Here's some of the new friends we met:

Sweet and pretty Petunia

Charlie, one of the rescues.

A definite vote!

Between visits with my public, I practiced for the cookie toss.

It was a very exciting event. I took the bronze medal!

I was very eager to make my speach. Here I am checking to see if it's time yet...

...and practicing my "honest and noble" look...

There was only one ugly spot in the day:

When I'm President the first thing I'm going to do is....well the FIRST thing I'm going to do is host a Steak Dinner, we have to keep our priorities straight after all...but THEN I'm going to outlaw those dumb halties! I HATE that thing! Mummy said I was "pulling" and I'd choke myself! HUMMMPPHH! I wasn't pulling, I was *campaigning* she just needs to move faster and keep up with me, that's all!

Other than that though it was a spectacular day! I'm ready to go again! Mummy! Auntie A! Come on!

Mummy? Auntie A? Boy! They sure do run out of energy quick! Oh well! Until next time, remember: