Tuesday, February 28, 2012

WOW #62: For My Auntie M

Auntie M

Is my friend!

She brings me toys

And lots of joys.

Now she's sick!

What a time I picked

To run too fast

Like a rocket blast!

I did not know I'd pull her down,

How could I? I'm only a hound!

Now she cannot come and see

the Variety show, starring ME!

So I will tape this wondrous show

And to the hospital I will go

So she can watch the funny dog

Who sends her love from his blog!

Hugs, Kisses and Healing Drool for Auntie M!



Saturday, February 25, 2012

WOW #61: WHAT Did You Say?

Has anyone else ever noticed all the funny and strange things humans say? I sometimes wonder if they even know what they're talking about!

Just as an example, the other day, I heard someone say: "Follow your nose". Now REALLY! What other choice do I have? My nose is right out in front!

If I didn't follow it, I'd have to walk backwards. Have you ever seen a Basset walking backwards? I thought not!

Here are some other peculiar things that people say:

1. "Albatross around my neck"

Will a vulture do?

2. "Laughing on the other side of your face"

Like this? Honestly! How many sides of your face can you actually laugh from?

3. "A monkey on my back"

Humans always say this as if it's a BAD thing! What's wrong with a nice little monkey on your back?

4. "It's a bear!"

Yes it is! SO?????

And oh look!

It's ANOTHER bear!

5. "Biting off more than you can chew"

I can ALWAYS chew what I bite off!

6. "Hair of the Dog"


What exactly do you plan to do with it? And this makes sense HOW? How much hair can a dog spare anyway?

7. "Barking up the wrong tree"

How do YOU know it's the wrong tree? It could be the perfect tree!

8. "It's hard to make ends meet."

Well that depends:

It sure isn't easy to do it THIS way!

On the other hand....

Sometimes when Bimmer and I go for a walk, our rumps bump. THAT way is not hard at all! In fact, we don't even have to think about it or even TRY to make it happen.

And THIS one REALLY bothers me!

9. "Lend me your ears!"

What on earth for? You've got your OWN ears!!

I'm very proud of my ears and I don't think I want to loan them out, thank you very much!

So...now it's your turn. What funny, strange or downright weird things have YOU heard the humans say? Turbo and Bimmer and I can't wait to hear from you!

We won't lend you our ears, but we WILL listen!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

WOW #60: As Turbo Sees It

Oh...wow...it's started already? Oh, okay.....hi everybody! Turbo here. I'm so nervous...I never wrote anything before today. Today I've been writing all day long. Wow!

Bentley asked me to tell everyone about my day at work so here goes.....

First I should let you know that I'm pretty much a homebody.

I like nothing better than a good snooze.

Or watching a good horse race on TV. Mom says I'm a couch potato like her.

I agreed to go to work though because Mom said the Boss Man needed me for a photo shoot with the Porsche that was named after me.

Here I am with my namesake...a dark blue Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet:

You can see why they decided to name it after me. We both have the same sleek lines.

Mr. Manager was very pleased with my performance. Here he is congratulating me on a job well done.

We didn't get a picture of me with the Boss Man, but he said he LOVES me and I can have anything I want! He's VERY generous!

I told him I'd like to drive the red one.

As far as helping Mom with her job. It really wasn't my thing. I'm not big on offices.

Still I wanted to do what I could to pull my weight.

I checked carefully under Mom's desk and chair before she sat down. Wouldn't want any sneaky menace getting to her.

Hmmmm, this seems like an adequate hiding place should the need arise.

After doing a thorough security check of Mom's office, I decided to head down the hall and give Auntie M's office the once-over too. It's good to protect the staff as well as the boss.

Most everything was just the way Bentley told me it would be. Auntie M and Auntie V are very nice. The Boss Man and Mr. Manager are friendly and kind. The Shop Guys gave me cookies just the way Bentley said they would. BUT.........


I do not LIKE stairs. Stairs are evil! They sit there looking so innocent, but you KNOW they're just waiting to trip you up!! That's right! You have to watch them every minute and proceed with extreme caution!

There HAD to be at least a hundred stairs up to Mom's office! Maybe five hundred, I'm not sure.
And they were STILL there when it was time to go DOWN!!

The Boss Man said I could have anything I wanted. I think I'll ask him to put in an escalator! Or maybe an elevator would be better.

Until he gets around to that, I think I'll leave working to the kids:

and just enjoy being my "couch potato" self.

Hey! Finished already? Hmmm, that wasn't half bad. Maybe I WILL write another blog one day!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


So here it is...FINALLY! My typist SAYS that she's been having internet problems. It's hard to find good help. (Sigh)

Anyway...FANFARE PLEASE....A friend has very graciously awarded us the Pawsome Blogger Award!!!

Thanks to Barren Irony who writes The Chick and the Hound: thechickandthehound.blogspot.com

for this amazing honor!

The rules state that upon receiving the awards one should thank the giver and link to their blog and then chose 8 blogs to award the Pawsome Blogger Award to.

So now, without further ado, here are my picks:

Lazy HAL (English ver.)-a great guy with a cushy life in Japan. His mom is very attentive and she even made him a little snowman! He knows how to SWIM! In the WELL!

Molly McFreckles-a real sweetheart who has to work hard to keep her little brother Winston AND her pawrents in order.

Harville Hounds-my good pal Roscoe and his sister Hannah who have lots of adventures and lend their voice to many causes benefiting Bassets as well as all other breeds.

Bernie’s Blog-Bernie seems like a great guy who really knows how to keep his humans on their toes! He’s got a really cool jeep too and he looks great in the driver’s seat! I hope he writes lots more soon!

Basset Momma-understands that Bassets are far more intelligent than the general public gives us credit for.

A Splash of Drool-Looks like a great new blog about a fellow named Monroe. Can’t wait to hear about all the adventures he had settling in with his new family.

Life as I know it: by Worm, the Basset Hound-Worm looks like he’d be a fun friend to have. He likes a lot of the things I like, playing with friends, visiting family and running on the beach.

It’s All About Me-Larsen and Ninja look like real kindred spirits. They really know how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life!

Be sure to check them out! They're all great!

Thanks again to Barren Irony for this great honor!

****Last note: Turbo asked me to tell you that he's almost finished with his blog and will send it to our typist soon. (Then we'll all bark at her until she gets it posted!)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

WOW #59: Two Too Many at the Office?

***********Blog Guardian's Note: Bentley and Bimmer both wanted to tell about the day they spent at work together, but they were afraid it would be boring if they both wrote an entry about the same thing so they decided to write an entry together. Bentley begins. **********

Hello everybody. I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile. My typist has been working long hours and hasn't had time to help out (rolls eyes). Turbo is planning to write a blog soon about HIS day at work but he likes to take his time and is busy studying all of the pictures Mummy took and deciding what he wants to say. In the meantime let me just tell you what happened at work yesterday!

Now everybody knows that I love Bimmer. She's the best sister in the world I think. And I'm grateful that she's willing to come into work sometimes so I can have a day off. BUT, that office is just not big enough for TWO Bassets! Every time I turned around yesterday, I nearly fell over her! It was so frustrating!

See? There's just not enough space! AND she took my desk! I had to make do with a temporary desk like I was a beginner or something, rather than Mummy's right hand pup!

AND, as if that wasn't enough, she took my chewie!

WHAT a revolting development that was!


Hi everybody! Bimmer here. The neatest thing happened yesterday! I got to go to work with Bentley! It was so fun having him there! I felt very brave with him around. I went down and visited the shop and let them feed me cookies AND I barked at people who came into Mummy's office. Mummy says she thinks I should come in at the first of the month every month 'cause that's when she's busiest and people are ALWAYS coming in and interrupting her!

She says I can't bark at EVERYONE though, just the timewasters. I'm not sure how I'm suppose to know which are which though....we'll have to work out a secret sign.

The only thing was Bentley was sort of grumpy yesterday. I hope he's not coming down with anything. I like work better when he's there!

He was so cute with his new assistant too! His assistant's name is Buddy, and he must be VERY healthy because he hasn't had any surgery yet!

We think Buddy is a cross between a bulldog and a bear. I've never heard of that mix before, but that really seems to be what he is!

I didn't bring Lambchops with me yesterday. She can't bear to be away from her Lambie that long! They've become real Skypaholics! I think they need a 12 step program!

Bentley let me share Buddy since I didn't have my own assistant.


(Sigh) I was just LOST without my desk yesterday!

I thought about going in and sitting at Auntie A's desk but I was afraid it would make me miss her too much.

It took several tries but...

...FINALLY I was able to get a little time at my own desk!

It was a tough day!


Bentley let me sit at his desk part of the time. That was nice of him. He's such a good brother!


Aww shucks! *Blushes*


It WAS a little tight sometimes though...

I think Mummy needs a bigger office, don't you Bentley?


Yeah! Good idea, Bimmer! AND another desk! If we're BOTH going to work there has to be more space and we each need our own place to work!


Yes, another desk would be helpful!

I think Buddy and Stripes would like it if there was more room to move too, don't you Bentley?


I definitely do! They kept tripping over each other just like us! We better talk to Mummy.



MUMMY!!! We've got an idea for you! Me and Bentley! We thought it up together!