Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Tail of Two Rescues: Part 4

Part 4:  Dinner With the Family
Blogger’s note:  I would like to joyfully announce that my beautiful sister-in-law to be, Zuda is now co-writing this story with me!  It will be so great now that her part is being told in her own voice!  I know you’ll LOVE it!  So now let’s get on with the story!


I hurried around the house, nervously checking the clock every few seconds.  I was going to be late for dinner with Zuda’s family if I didn’t leave, SOON! 

“Hey Turbo,” said Bimmer coming up behind me and making me jump,  “shouldn’t you be going soon?  You have dinner with Zuda’s family today you know.”

“I know,” I agreed pacing back and forth, “I’m TRYING to get ready now, but I can’t find my lucky bow tie.  The red one, you know.”

“OH!” said Bimmer sheepishly, “I’m sorry Turbo.  L E Phant borrowed it for my tea party.  We didn’t think you’d mind.”

“I don’t mind,” I said in relief, “as long as I can have it now.”

“Oh you can, you can!” Bimmer promised, “I’ll go get it now.”  She raced off and in a minute I heard L E trumpeting so I figured she was getting my tie.  She came back giggling and said, “he did that the other day when Mummy washed and dried him.  He didn’t like the dryer AT ALL and it scared Mummy and me.  We didn’t know he still made that noise!”

“Uh, yeah,” I said absently as I put on my tie.  “Does this look okay?”

Bimmer studied me and then straightened the tie a little.  “There!” she told me, “now it’s perfect !  Zuda will love it!  So will Daddyman!”
Aunt Angie, who was spending the day with us looked up from the pillow she was making for Aunt Maralynn and remarked, “Daddyman!  I always picture him with a big ‘D’ on his chest.  With sparkles,” she added returning her attention to her work.  Aunt Angie would put sparkles on EVERYTHING if she could!  I was surprised she hadn’t incorporated them into that pillow.  She looked up again, “you look very handsome Turbo.”

“Thanks Aunt Angie,” I said, then I looked around, ready to go.  “Where are my keys?”

Bentley jumped up.  “The KEYS!” he exclaimed and raced over to the dining room table.  “I was using them for my new hobby.  I’m making a clay figure of my Queen on her pink comforter.  I hope she likes it!”

“Bentley!” said Mom, coming in from the kitchen with her water. “You don’t use car keys that way!  What would your Uncle Boss Man say?”  She took the keys and wiped them off then she gave them to me.  “Be careful Turbo and don’t be nervous!  Who wouldn’t love you?”  She gave me a kiss and I started for the door.

“Wait Turbo!” called Aunt Angie, “don’t forget your flowers!”  She hurried into the refrigerator room and brought them back to me.

“Thanks Aunt Angie,” I said for the second time.  “Thanks Mom.  Bye Bentley, bye Bimmer!”  I raced out to the car and started off.  The whole trip, I rehearsed what I should say when I talked to Mommadog and Daddyman.  Should I call them ma’am and sir?  Probably, that would be respectful, and I wanted them to know I had good “Southern Gentleman” manners! 

Before I knew it, I was at Zuda’s house.  I gulped and picked up my flowers, straightened my tie and headed for the front door.

The day Turbo came for dinner I was so nervous!  I had helped Mommadog prepare da menu, bacon cheeseburglers, bacon cheese potatoes and bacon cheese broccoli.  We had bacontinis for when he arrived but Mommadog let me make the desert myself, Bacon Alaska.  Turbo arrived in his beautiful bow tie and brought flowers; not only for me but also for Mommadog!  

Dinner went well if you don’t count the snickers and giggles of my sisters, Lil Butt and Abby!  After dinner we all went in the yard looking for furry creatures and I tried to show him my best tracking technique.  As momma dog and my sisters cleaned up, Daddyman and Turbo went into da other room for da ‘talk’.  His look said “SAVE ME” but he walked in confidently.  Before I knew it the TV was on, first on sports, then on horse racing and Turbo was standing on the hassock barking at the horses and lastly I heard dem laughing to a movie called “Best in Show.”

Later Turbo and I took a walk and Mommadog and her wig and binoculars stayed home, thank goodness!  Although I could swear I saw a man with an awful toupee and binoculars watching us…jeeeeesh!  We went in for dessert and when Daddyman lit the bacon Alaska...

….well, it’s a good thing he be bald…NOW he is just missing a few eyebrow hairs! 

Before he left Turbo asked me what one of my favorite places was and I responded St. Michaels.  He asked me if he could take me there the following weekend and of course I said YES! Turbo headed home and I walked into da room and told Daddyman and Mommadog that I never thought this would happen to me but….he is da one!!!

Not to be outdone, Abby ran into da room and asked Daddyman if she could ask Charlie B. Seavers (that red hot houndie) out on a date….Daddyman fainted!!

To be continued…(How will Turbo get them to St. Michaels?  What will happen there?  Will Zuda still think Turbo is da one?  Will Daddyman recover from his faint and his eyebrow disaster?  What will Charlie B. Seavers say?? Tune in next week!)