Thursday, January 19, 2012

WOW #58: Bimmer's Corner

Hi everybody! It's me, Bimmer. Bentley said I can write on his blog every now and then. He doesn't want people to get bored and he says I'll liven things up some.

He let me go to work with Mummy yesterday too while he and Turbo went on a play date with their friends that ended up being a sleepover! Me and Mummy had "girls' night" last night.

Work is a very interesting place. I'm not sure I'd want to go EVERY day but it made a nice change of pace.

There was just SO MUCH to do! I can't imagine how Bentley gets it all done and studies too. And then he comes home and plays with me and Turbo! WOW!!

When I got to work yesterday, I had to check the place out.

You wouldn't BELIEVE all the strange smells around there! I thought I'd never get them all sorted out. And people just WALK IN AND OUT ALL THE TIME!!! I liked Auntie M. I've met her before. I wasn't too sure about Auntie V and THEN there was this guy that Mummy said was Cousin D, but I'm not so sure! I wouldn't let HIM get near me. Maybe he IS Cousin D and maybe he isn't, hummmph!

Anyway, once I'd given the place the once over I had a look at Bentley's patients to see if they needed a good nurse.

They did.

I really had my paws full with them for a while.

As you probably noticed, I brought Lambchops with me to be my assistant. Bentley says assistants are important. He wishes all his squirrels hadn't gotten so sick! They were such GOOD assistants.

Lambchops was good too. See how nicely she's sorting the mail?

Uh oh! LAMBCHOPS! WHAT are you doing?!

You're not supposed to be Facebooking Lambie at work! There's a lot of stuff to do still.

Oh BROTHER!!! Now they're Skyping! Yes, I know Lambchops, Lambie IS awfully cute. I know, I know. You're both in LOVE. But Mummy is paying us to WORK, not flirt. Now if you don't have anything else to do, suppose you dust this shelf?

AAAA-CHOOO! Yes it is dusty isn't it? That's why I asked you to dust. You need a dustcloth? Okay hold on...let me just look....OH WOW!!!

I just hit the MOTHER LODE! Bentley's treat stash! No WONDER that boy's always so full of energy! Mmmm, CRUNCH! Yummy!

Pardon me for a few minutes...................................................................................................................................................................................................

WHEW! Being a manager is hard work! What time is it? It's bullystick time!

Ahhhhhhh! That was refreshing. Oh! It's time to go to the bank Mummy says. We'll just leave Lambchops here to answer the phones. I wouldn't want her to get carsick.

Bentley always says this is the BEST part of the job.....

Hmmmmmm....not really seeing it.....

Well they DID give me a cookie, but I thought THIS part was better:

Chick-fil-A! Yummy!

Oooooo! There's the menu! Mummy can I have a chocolate shake? Please, PLEASE can I!

All good things must come to an end. Back to work we go...and it's off to the showroom. Gotta keep everyone straight in there too. I bet they'll need my decorating expertise...

Hmmmm, now I think THIS car should go over THERE. Where are the PINK ones? We need a pink one right HERE! No pink ones huh? Oh well, Manager Guy will have to get busy and order some!

Wait! Wait! I have to practice my "sales dog" skills before we go back to our office....

"May I help you, sir? How many of these lovely Porsches would you like to buy?" (bats eyelashes)

I better settle in for the afternoon...

Wait a minute...who's THAT? What are they doing here?!

Mummy? Did you have a 3 o'clock appointment? They're here!

Whew! That was a very busy day. I had a good time, but I think I'll leave it to Bentley MOST days. He's used to it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WOW #57: Overworked Hound

I can't BELIEVE how busy I've been! I'm EXHAUSTED!!! I had no idea doing Auntie A's job as well as mine would take up so much of my spare time. I can barely get in my morning and afternoon naps!

I've decided that I should start dressing better for work so I'm trying out the tie thing.

It wasn't so bad as I thought it might be.

Mummy and Auntie M said I looked very distinguished and businesslike. Auntie A said so too when she got home and saw the pictures Mummy sent her. I think I'd like to have a blue one too. I can't wear the same one EVERY day after all! The red one was my Grandpa's. He used to dress up for work too!

Not only did Auntie A go to the bank every day, she also kept track of inventory for the dealership. I have to do that now, so yesterday I went out to check on the cars.

Okay, here's a row of cars. Let's see how many..., two, five...,twelve...well that's not working...

Okay, so maybe if I count how many of each color...there's a red one and one, two, black ones and a sort of tan one (what? oh, Mummy says that one's grey...Is "grey" a different color than "gray"?) and another lighter "grey" one (does that count as another color?) and uh...another black one and ANOTHER black one...that makes.........

DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHAT COMES AFTER THREE? GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! This is a hard job! I wish Auntie A hadn't gone away!! Silly open mortgages!

The best part is the bank trip and you know what? Mummy FORGOT to take me Monday and yesterday! She can't possibly think I can manage the car AND do the banking! Today though, she remembered and so off we went to the bank! Yay!

Here we the bank window. I just LOVE bank windows!

"Yes, I'd like to make a withdrawal please. TWO cookies today."

SIIIIIIGHHHH!!! Sometimes it takes SOOOOO long to process these things! Mummy told me Auntie A works for our bank, but I didn't see her today. Maybe I will next time I need to go inside.

We didn't get to go to Five Guys after the bank, but with all that rain it really wasn't a very good day for it. It was raining and cold and yucky! Probably we'll be going tomorrow. After all, it's part of our routine, right?

Auntie A says she hasn't closed any mortgages yet. She has to learn how they do it at this bank first. How many different ways can there be to close something? I mean she and Mummy are both very good at closing doors, surely mortgages (whatever they are) aren't THAT different! Anyway, I'm guarding her desk for her in case she comes back. I'm not going to let ANYBODY else have it! It's Auntie A's, so there!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

WOW #56: Sad, sad, sad!

Oh NOOOO! She's really going to do it! I thought when she stayed the extra week that I'd managed to prevail, but I was WRONG!!!

I'm a perturbed puppy!

A downhearted dog!

A bellicose Basset!

Okay, okay, so maybe I'm NOT really ready to go to war and maybe I DID get a little carried away there, but it really IS terrible news!

Auntie A is LEAVING us!! She has a new job somewhere else! She says she's going to close mortgages.....

Now I don't know what a mortgage is or who's leaving them all open, but I wish they'd STOP IT!! If they weren't so careless about it, Auntie A wouldn't have to go close them all now would she?

Auntie A says she'll still come to see Mummy and Turbo and Bimmer and me and maybe she'll even stop by the office sometimes. It won't be the same though, I KNOW it won't! I wouldn't even let Auntie A pet me when she was ready to leave today. That'll show her!!!

Mummy says we'll get used to it. I suppose we'll HAVE to. (sighs and rolls eyes) Mummy also said that I can take over doing the banking now since Auntie A won't be doing it anymore. That's the only good news I've heard!

The other day, Auntie A took me with her to show me what I'd need to do.

First you look all around and greet everyone who's waiting in line and all the tellers.

Then you have to take care of all your banking business...

After you're all finished with get a COOKIE! YAYYYY!!

I LOVE going to the bank!

After the bank we went to....

Yup, you guessed it!


Here I am waiting for Auntie A to bring back my bacon burger.

Oh I HOPE they put extra bacon on it this time!!!

.................What was I talking about?...................

Oh yeah, Auntie A got another job....I KNEW there was SOMETHING....

Hmm, maybe it won't be QUITE so bad as I thought. This bank and Five Guys trip every day has a definite up side!

Bye Auntie A! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!