Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WOW #40 Bimmer Has Her Say

Hi there everyone! Bimmer here. Bentley's at work and I was bored so I thought I'd try out the blogging thing! Bentley won't mind......I don't THINK Bentley will you?

I came to live with my Mummy on August 30, her birthday. She says I am a very sweet birthday present.

I just love my brothers Bentley and Turbo! Bentley showed me how to play games and climb up on the sofa and do Facebook and everything. Turbo looks out for me and I know he wouldn't let anybody mess with me.

Here we are deciding what to order for dinner when Mummy gets home from work.

I have lots of friends on Facebook and I love them all. Even the people ones! When they come to my house though, I'm a little shy. Mummy says I'll get used to them and she tries to only have one person at a time so I don't have to get used to a whole party all together. Bentley can't understand. He says people are wonderful, they give belly rubs and hugs and cuddles and treats! He LOVES people, that's why he likes working so much. Turbo likes a few people, but not too many at once. I'm more like him I guess. So far I'd rather just stay with Mummy and my brothers although I do like other dogs. Sometimes Auntie A comes over. She's okay. She looks like Mummy and sounds like Mummy and she brings neat presents! She never tries to grab at me either so sometimes I let her pet me...once or EVEN twice!

What I really LOVE is my little Lambchops! She's my baby!

Here she is the day I got her. Isn't she cute?

Bentley thought she should have surgery, but I barked at him when he tried to give my Lambchops the once-over! Bentley's a wonderful brother, but I think maybe he has a surgery addiction, don't you? Do they have a twelve step program for that? Anybody can see my little Lambchops is perfectly healthy!

I was SOOOO scared when those bad Terrierists took her! I was afraid I'd never see her again!

But thanks to my brothers and my cousin Sheriff Wyatt, the bad guys got scared and brought her back!

I was really, REALLY glad to see her! Now Turbo guards her every night so they can't get her again.

I think she's forgotten all the scary lambnapping stuff now, don't you?

Now I have a little donkey too. Bentley insists that he's really sick and even Turbo tried to do a little surgery on him, but Mummy won't let them. She agrees with me that he's perfectly healthy and she told the boys that he was too cute to be "torn up". He IS awful cute! I love him ALMOST as much as Lambchops!

I sure hope the Terrierists don't do donkey-nappings too!

I just don't know WHAT I'd do!

Sheriff Wyatt says not to worry. He's got that gang on the run and it's only a matter of time now until they're rounded up. I feel so safe with my smart cousin looking out for us!

Now I think I'll go and take a nap. This blogging is very tiring work! I don't know how Bentley keeps up with it!

Thanks Bruddah for letting me try it out! (Even if you WEREN'T here at the time to give the go ahead! Hee hee!)

Monday, September 26, 2011

WOW #39 On the Prowl Again!

Hi Everyone! We've had a few quiet days here with no Terrierist sightings. Sheriff Wyatt has them on the run! We found out though that the family is not quite Terrierist free!

Auntie A found them at HER house. They didn't stay long. Partly because Auntie A doesn't have any pets for them to terrierize and partly because they were discovered so quickly.

They snuck into the house disguised as a birthday present...

...but as you can see her cracker-jack security team was on them like white on rice! You see nobody at Auntie A's place has a birthday this month!

They just barely escaped!

They tried hiding out in the kitchen while security was searching for them upstairs and they got into a lot of stuff.

ReddLipps the Chimp decided to practice his acrobatics.

He got that chandelier swinging pretty good! I'm glad he didn't break it down! Auntie A loves that chandelier! My Mummy gave it to her, that's why!

After that, The Terrierist and ReddLipps checked to see if there was any chocolate in that kiss fondue pot while Flatt da Cat practiced his camouflaging skills

He's really getting pretty good...

I guess the worst thing they did was steal a pair of Auntie A's black slacks while they were disguised as a pile of laundry...

I can't imagine what they wanted them for! Auntie A says maybe they needed material for parachutes.......UH OH!

Sheriff Wyatt, what do we do now?! Do you think they have a PLANE? OH NO! I hope they're apprehended soon!

I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

WOW #38: Expanded Territory

We've had a report from a family in Midlothian, VA. The Terrierist Gang was definitely at their house last night. Actually it was my friend, Lizzie's house so I'll let her tell you about it:


Thanks Bentley! It was just awful! I was the only one who saw them at first. No one else noticed them until they looked back at the Kitty Cam and found their pictures. Kasey and Newman were blaming ME for all the bad stuff and saying I just made up the story about the Terrierists to cover up!

First they infiltrated the house disguised as a bag of bagels.

I didn't see them at first, I must have been upstairs helping Purrson.

Here they are sneaking out of the bag!

Next they got into our food in the kitchen and made a big mess.

I didn't think dogs liked cat food? Anyway Kasey got really mad at me for spreading food all over the floor and I didn't even know what she was talking about! (But she's really very nice, MOST of the time.)

After they had eaten all they wanted, Flatt da Cat found the scratching pad...

....and got high on catnip...

Newman was upset about somebody messing with his scratcher and of course he blamed me.

Next they went upstairs to Purrson's room and went through her jewelry...

They spread it all over the floor so they could choose the best pieces.

The Terrierist used his famous nose to sniff out the precious metals.

THEN they started trying it all on. Here's Flatt with Purrson's earrings.

And The Terrierist had on her BRAND NEW necklace. He probably wants to give it to his girlfriend...or ONE of his girlfriends! I bet he's stringing along a dozen or more!

While they were sorting through the jewelry, Reddlipps found Purrson's nightshirt.

He seemed fascinated by the monkeys like him on it...

He even tried it on! Is that a tear in his eye?

Of COURSE Purrson thought I was the one who was playing with her jewelry and messing up her clean clothes!

I decided I needed to find out what was going on...

...that's how I happened to spot them playing on one of my pet condos!

I ran over to find out what they were doing, I thought they were new friends at first....

But THEN I noticed how they were destroying my condo and I got mad! I told them they had to leave and they just laughed at me!

So then I screamed for help!

Is anybody coming?

No? I'll have to save the house by myself!

I just told that Terrierist to get out or I'd show him what scratching is all about! So he and the others ran off.

When last seen they were creeping through the garage...

....probably looking for a car to steal!

Oh I'm just a nervous wreck! Oh Bentley! Please send Sheriff Wyatt and his posse over here as soon as possible! What if they come back?!


Thanks for that report Lizzie! You were very brave chasing that gang away all on your own! I'll ask Sheriff Wyatt to come over there right away. Keep your eyes open until he gets there!

That's the report from Midlothian folks...stay tuned right here for more information!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


We had another terrierist attack last night! The Milkbones! THEY GOT THE MILKBONES!!!!

It was TERRIBLE! We got up this morning and found an empty Milkbone box and some pictures. We were all so upset! Bimmer said that at least they didn't get Lambchops this time....but they got the MILKBONES!! I WARNED everybody to hide their Milkbones, but Mummy forgot to hide ours. She was busy last night.

Apparently Flatt da Cat shimmied under the back door and then let in The Terrierist and ReddLipps. Then they got up on the table and HAD A PARTY!! WITH OUR MILKBONES!!!

Look at this! Just look:

They're MOCKING us!!

Looks like The Terrierist was practicing his juggling. I hear he used to be a children's entertainer before he turned to a life of crime.

There's Flatt! He must've been down inside the box during the earlier shots. That chocolate bar disappeared too! If you look closely, you can see that ReddLipps is reaching for it. I bet he gobbled it up in between Milkbones.

Hmmmph! Partying with OUR Milkbones! I think they drank some of that wine too! I forgot to ask Mummy if any was gone.

I just can't understand why we didn't hear them, looks like things got pretty wild.

Sheriff Wyatt and Super Secret Special Agent Goat Goat were here this morning looking for clues. They said they'll track them down if it's the last thing they do!

Sheriff Wyatt's already on the trail...

Goat Goat is sharpening her horns some more.

She'll be handling the interrogation when they catch them. I'd like to get my paws on them too! I bet I could make 'em sing!!

Sheriff Wyatt has just had a report that the Terrierist Trio was spotted in the back of a red car in Chesterfield, VA! We hope the owner of the car will get the message before it's too late. Everyone stay alert and I'll keep you posted.

MUMMY! Can we go get some more Milkbones????

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Just a quick update folks...Sheriff Wyatt has just notified us that another criminal mind has joined the band of outlaws we're looking for. He's known as Flatt Da Cat. Here's a recent photo of a meeting he had with The Terrierist and ReddLipps:

As you can see, he's been through the ringer a few times! Flatt is a famous cat burglar known for his ability to slide under doors, shimmy past even the most high tech security features and slip through the cracks. Even so he's made more than one trip to the slammer (Mummy says she thinks he was "slammered" in the door!)

Though normally a loner, he has worked with ReddLipps the Chimp in the past and is now as you can see, joining forces with The Terrierist Gang

Note how chummy they all are! They must be plotting something really vile!

Sheriff Wyatt informs me that this meeting went on for quite a while and the cunning trio maintained the demeanor of harmless toys the entire time to escape detection. (Probably Reddlipps the genius of disguises thought up this clever scheme!)

The Sheriff says to keep an eye on your valuables, keep your barnyard animals AND CATS! under lock and key and hide your milkbones in a safe or safe deposit box until this gang is apprehended.

I'll keep you posted as more details come in! Stay safe!

Monday, September 19, 2011

WOW #35 APB!!!

Hey everybody! Big news! Sheriff Wyatt has put out an APB for The Terrierist and ReddLipps the Chimp! Be sure to keep your ears open and your noses to the ground!

Here's the last known photo of these two dastards taken by a local surveillance agency:

Memorize, shred and flush! We can't risk having sensitive information like this falling into the wrong hands!

Sheriff Wyatt has been sniffing out dozens of clues and has come up with a bit more information about this vicious pair.

Terry The Terrierist AKA Flumpy is wanted in New Jersey on charges of chair chewing, ripping up newspapers, unrolling toilet paper, overthrowing toy baskets and kidnappings of numerous barnyard animals including lambs, calves, piglets and ducklings.

He is known to be a master at the art of camouflage...

Note the way he just blends right into the surface. Very chameleon-esque! I was looking right at him and couldn't see him!

ReddLipps the Chimp is best known for his monkey business. There are no warrants (other than the one for lambnapping) for his arrest at this time but he is widely suspected of such crimes as stealing bananas (Mummy and Auntie A say they don't have a problem with this as long as he doesn't LEAVE any bananas at THEIR houses!) and stealing other fruits and throwing same at passing motorists on the highway. He is also the prime suspect in a number of incidents of kissing the girls and making them cry.

ReddLipps is a genius at disguises. They say he never uses the same character twice. Here's one of his more recent efforts:

You can see how carefully he thinks out every detail.

Sheriff Wyatt tells me that he has also asked the Government to reactivate Super Secret Special Agent Goat Goat (currently retired and in charge of security on a local horse farm) to help with this investigation. Goat Goat has expressed a willingness to help. In fact she says she'd love to get these two evildoers pinned under her horns!

She's sharpening them up now so she'll be ready!

Be on the lookout! We don't know where this criminal element will surface next! You can't be too careful.

Updates as they become available...