Sunday, July 31, 2011

WOW #19 My First Family

Say did everyone else have as hot a weekend as we did here in Richmond? Whew! I opted to join Turbo for the nap in the air-conditioned house after we had checked our messages. It was THAT hot! Nothing much exciting happening here this weekend...Auntie A baked some cookies and she said I can have some at work tomorrow if I can get Mummy to agree.

Anyway, I thought I'd talk about something that IS exciting even if I didn't get to see them this weekend. That's my other family. I LOVE all of them! I'm talking about my Momma and my Grandma and Momma's sister Auntie T and my brother Tank. Oh and Grandpa too.

This is my Momma. Isn't she beautiful?

I think Momma and Beatrice could tie for first place in a beauty pageant!

Mummy says that I LOOK more like my daddy, but I ACT just like Momma! (I'm so proud to be her son!)

This is what my Momma looked like when she was a puppy, back in her Pre-Momma days:

That's my Auntie T with her: a sisters' picture! See how adorableness just RUNS in my family?

My brother Tank lives with them too. He's the one who nearly drowned in the well. He says he can swim now and he's not afraid of the well AT ALL.

I guess that's why he's very bravely hiding under somebody's legs on the lounge chair rather than over in the well swimming!

Tank doesn't hang out at the well all the time though. Sometimes he likes to relax on the sofa in the living room, same as me and Turbo at our house:
That DOES look pretty comfy! I love Grandma's house!

Tank doesn't go to work like I do. But he says he's considering a modeling career. Here's one of the shots in his portfolio:

He says he likes posing with his sister, T...

Hey! WAIT a minute! How can Auntie T be Tank's sister if she's my Auntie and Tank is my BROTHER?! That doesn't make any sense at all! I'm SOOOO confused!

Sometimes my first family comes to visit me. At least, Grandma and Momma and Tank come. Here's a few hints for making your first family feel welcome.

1. Make SURE Grandma knows that you love her a LOT!

2. Invite your brother out to the backyard to play. When you're tired, take a little break under the fans on the deck.

3. If your brother needs a little more rest than you do, give him extra time while you find something else to entertain you.

What's going on out there? See ya later Tank.

Tank has another snooze.

I think this is where they put the food, let me just casually make my way up anyone coming?

Uh oh! Busted!

Oh...ahhhh...heh in the world did I get up HERE?

4. Check and see if your brother is ready for another round.

Tank! Yo! Tank! Wake up!

5. Give Grandma some more lovin'.

You can never love on a Grandma too much!

6. Once you and your brother are all played out, collapse on the patio near where the humans are eating. You definitely want to be close to that!

Psst! Tank! Can you tell what they're eating? Other than BUTTER that is...(once Tank ate a WHOLE STICK of butter when he came to visit! We still call him "Butter Boy" sometimes.)

And THAT'S some really good ways to enjoy a visit from your first family. I better go now. It'll be time to get up before I ever get to bed! Have a great Monday!

Friday, July 29, 2011

WOW #18 Workin' Dog Part 3: Not All Fun and Games!

Today was a busy day in the office! We all worked really hard, especially me! My job is to keep everybody...Uncle Boss Man, employees, customers...happy. That's really fun. There's other stuff that's not as fun though. You got it! Paperwork. I try to leave all of that stuff to Mummy and Auntie A and Auntie M, but I still end up doing my share. I have to help Mummy supervise too. She can't do everything by herself you know.

Here's an example of the way my busy days go, so you'll know how to act if you decide to work outside the home like me:

1. I start out by checking the Customer Lounge to see if anyone needs cheering up or entertainment.

Sometimes they have trouble seeing me for some unknown reason. When that happens, I stand there and say "Woof!" until they let me in or Mummy comes and gives me a different job to do. I go back and check on the customers often though. Different ones come in throughout the day and it wouldn't do to ignore any of them.

2. Next it's time to check the briefcase and see what papers we need for the day. Mummy helps me with this, because as my good friend C pointed out, I don't have thumbs.

3. THEN it's on to the paperwork. Whoohoo! (rolls eyes)

It's just such riveting work! I just....can't.........get..........enough.......

YAWWWWWWWNNNNNNNN! Okay, so paperwork is really pretty least that's what I think. Mummy and Auntie A and Auntie M seem to enjoy it.

4. Now seems like a good time to look in on the workers. Make sure they're as busy as me.

Just casually glance in as you stroll by. If you're carrying something, it looks like you're on the way to somewhere else.

5. Okay, back to the paperwork. Filing's next on the agenda.

Hmm, now where does THIS one go? Is it quittin' time yet?

Oh well, it IS important to keep everything in its proper place so you can find it when you want it.

6. Mummy says this is what we're working to earn...

Hmm. What IS this stuff?

Is it edible?

She's kidding, right? I see no earthly use for this, I'd rather have cookies!

What's that? Oh! REALLY? Mummy says you need this stuff to BUY cookies! I did not know that, I thought she used that little rectangular piece of plastic to buy cookies. Wow! Learn something new every day!

7. Time for another check on the employees. Can't have them slacking off!

8. When I've caught up on all the paperwork, I try to tidy up a bit.

Good grief! Look at this closet!

Unbelievable! I think the office assistants have been having a party in here! What a mess!

Earl! Is that you? What in the world have you been doing?!

Hmm, should THIS be under HERE?

Honestly, the work never ends some days!

9. Last job of the day: let Mummy know it's time to GO HOME!

If staring doesn't work, I "woof". If "woofing" doesn't get the job done, I've perfected this squeaky whistle noise that ALWAYS gets me what I want in the end! AHH. The day's over, I'm off to find a good bowl of kibble with butter sauce and a comfy spot on the couch! Have a pleasant evening!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

WOW #17 The Quiet Evening at Home

We all need them! Quiet evenings just being ourselves at home with the home folks around. I love to spend any time at all with just Mummy and Turbo. Of course, it's fun when we have guests too. I love to play with them or entertain them with Tug-O-War (Everyone LOVES to play Tug-O-War with me, even if I DO always win!) but it's nice when it's just us three and we can all lay around on the couch and watch TV or play with some toys, maybe enjoy a know, all those down home type things.

Here's some ideas of things to do when it's just you and the Fam ...

1. A family dinner is always a good place to start. Yummy kibble with butter sauce! My Mummy is a GREAT cook!

2. After supper is a good time to play. Turbo only likes to play in the mornings and that's fun too, but I love to get a little exercise after a hard day at work and a good meal.

Hunt the bunny is a favorite game of mine.

He's a really BAD bunny sometimes!

So that's when we play Bunny Wrestling. I always win!

Whew! That was exhausting! That bunny! You have to watch him every minute!

3. If your mummy gets the camera out, be sure to make silly faces. Everybody LOVES that! It's so adorable.

See how that bunny's trying to stealthily slip into the picture? I TOLD you he was a sneaky little fella!

If the bunny is getting in your way, just move a little bit. If you've trained him right, he'll know better than to get between you and the camera more than once. My bunny is pretty well trained now. It's such a pity he had that terrible illness!

4. If Mummy keeps on taking pictures too long just give her the classic "WHAT?!" look...

5. And if THAT doesn't work, try a WOOF!

6. After playtime everybody piles on the sofa for TV watching (you may have to ignore Mummy and the camera as best you can).

My favorite shows are "The Dog Whisperer", horse racing, and old movies. I like cooking shows too, but I DO NOT like the shows with those silly, screaming women in the white dresses. What's THAT all about anyway? Fortunately, Mummy and Turbo don't like those shows either.

Turbo really gets excited when his favorite horse is about to win a race! My horse was at the back of the pack in this race! I couldn't believe it. Turbo's better at picking the ponies than I am.

7. When your program is finished, it's time for lights out! Yes it IS! Remember, we need to get up at 3:30 and start working on hauling Mummy out of bed. That can come really early if you don't get to bed on time! Yawwwwwwwwwwnnnn! Sweet Dreams!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WOW #16 Voodoo or NOT Voodoo? Is that a Question?

Hello all you friends out there! So glad you stopped in! I LOVE visitors...even when they don't bring cookies.

You know, funny things happen in the office sometimes. One day I was working on a project and Auntie A came in and wanted to know if I was practicing voodoo. Hmmph! Really, Auntie A lets her imagination run away with her sometimes! Anyone should be able to see I was constructing some abstract art...

See? It's a face! I'm not really sure what voodoo even is!

So anyway, I went to work on another masterpiece and it was NOT easy either! Earl did not want to cooperate at ALL!

I had to chase him up and down the hall for about fifteen minutes before he finally agreed to be still and stay in his place in my sculpture. And then, MUMMY said I must be warding off evil spirits or something like that and Auntie M AGREED with her! Honestly! They all get a little carried away sometimes!

This is CLEARLY an abstract rendering of a baseball diamond with first base missing! (sigh)

Fortunately, my very good friends straightened everyone out, though for SOME reason, even THEY didn't seem to notice the creative element. Auntie A published the pictures and Auntie ViolinK spoke up first.

This is what she said: "I thought it was supposed to be the BONES of a chicken, not a chicken and ESPECIALLY not a RUBBER chicken."

Auntie ViolinK saw the flaws in their theory right away!

Then my very good friend C (pictured here with her little brother M) explained the whole matter to us.

This is what she said: "Hmmm eh I think it is kinda hard to do vodoo if 1 you have someone with thumbs looking at you at all times 2 how can he get a tent to do it in? 3 he cant get dog slobber on it

See how SMART she is? I guess that settles THAT!

Anyway, for now I've given up my artistic aspirations. I'd rather take a nap anyway!

Stay comfy!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

WOW #15 Walking: The Best Way to Stay in Shape

I thought I should follow up on my napping post with a little exercise. You can't sleep all the time you know! It's necessary to stay in shape for all those parades and surgeries and stuff. Like many experts, I endorse walking as the best way to stay in shape both for you and your mom or dad. The humans need exercise too you know!

Here's a few tips on how to get the most out of your walk:

1. Eat a hearty breakfast. It's essential to a successful day.

OHHH that butter sauce! YummEE!

2. Next take a little rest to let your food settle

3. But try not to fall asleep, you don't want to miss anything!

4. As soon as you get outside drag (uh ESCORT) Mummy to the nearest message center. (Actually Mummy NEVER allows us to drag her anywhere, she's very strict about that.)

Here's Turbo checking his messages.

Oh, there's one for me? I was wondering how long it would take them to get back to me...

5. After you've dealt with your correspondence and left any messages of your own that you feel are necessary, it's time to check out the neighborhood.

But where are the neighbors Mummy?

Oh. Mummy says the neighbors aren't out this early. They're not? It's after SIX already! WE got up at 3:30. Well Turbo and I did. We had a little trouble convincing Mummy.

Also, she says it's very hot, you can see the heat haze in the air around us. (I bet it would have been cooler at 3:30!)

6. Investigate your neighborhood carefully. You never know what might be happening if you don't!

Where'd this dumpster come from?

Let's see. I'll check for more clues...

Wait! What's this?

AH HAH! It was definitely a Slim Jim!

Hmmm, there's a red truck here. I don't recognize this truck! It's different!

Hey look! This house is for rent! I bet the people in the red truck are renting it and they must like Slim Jims! Do you think that's it Mummy? Maybe....see how easy this investigating is?

7. Make sure you also patrol the alley before you go back home. That's where all the GOOD clues are!

8. If you're just not up for all these adventures in this heat, you can opt to go home for a nap after the message center part of the walk.

That's what Turbo did.