Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WOW #80: Thanksgiving with the Buppies

Bentley:  Bimmer!  BIMMER!!! HELP!

Bimmer:  What's wrong Bentley?

Bentley:  There's a thousand buppies in here!  Where did they all come from?

Bimmer:  A thousand?  Come on Bentley, you're exaggerating a little.  That's just the buppy choir.  There are only twelve of them.  Of course there are a few other buppies around here...I don't see them right now.

Bentley:  But they're all in the way while I'm trying to cook!  Every time I turn around I almost step on a buppy.  Could you get Turbo to read them a story or something?

Bimmer:  Turbo is taking a nap.  Surely it's not so bad.  They're just trying to help.

Terence:  Sir Bentley?  Miss Bimmoo?

Bimmer:  Yes Terence?

Terence:  Iz can help stuff the turkey.  Here's my frozen sardinesicles!


Bimmer:  Aww!  How sweet Terence!  See Bentley?  They're trying to help!

Bentley:  Thanks little guy!  We don't want to take all your sardinesicles though!  You keep those Terence so you'll have them to take to your forever home.

Terence:  Okay!  Does Iz gotz a furever home?

Bimmer:  You will soon Terence.  I'm sure of it!

Terence:  Yay!!

Ellis Margaret:  Sir Bentley, you want some pancakes for Thanksgibing dinner?

Bentley:  How sweet of you Ellis!  We have lots of cornbread and French bread for the dressing though, we want you to be able to keep your pancakes.

Ellis Margaret:  So I can take dem with me to my furever home?

Bentley:  That's right.  I just know you'll get one soon!

Ellis Margaret:  'K

Bimmer: See how sweet and helpful they are Bentley?

Bentley:  Uh, yeah...ummm, Bimmer?

Bimmer:  Yes?

Bentley:  Did you tell Mary Jane and Sheila Marie to help with the gravy?

Bimmer:  WHAT?  Girls!  What are you doing?

Sheila Marie:  Wez helping wif da gravy Miss Bimmoo!  I can put in my cocoa!

Mary Jane:  And I'll put in my milkshakes!  Dat will make it goooooooood!

Bimmer:  Oh dear!

Bentley:  (snickers)  They're SO helpful!

Bimmer:  Well, they're TRYING to be.

Bentley:  I heard Charity Lynn and Walter were going to put up Thanksgiving decorations.

Bimmer:  Uh oh!

Bentley:  Josiah!  Stop snitching food when our backs are turned!

Josiah:  But I'm so HUNGRY Sir Bentley and I'm nearly out of cookies!

Bimmer:  Oh Josiah!  I hope your forever home has a good baker!
Josiah:  Me too!  Will I get one?
Bimmer:  I'm sure you will.
Josiah:  Really?
Bimmer: Who could resist you Josiah?
Bentley:  Here's ANOTHER difficulty.  Rascal, your NEW buppy keeps stealing all the cranberries!
Bimmer:  Oh Bentley!  He's making the cranberry string for the Christmas tree!
Bentley:  But how am I supposed to make the cranberry sauce??? Tell me that!    
Bimmer:  Auntie Maralynn is bringing the cranberry sauce.  See?  Problem solved.  Now stop worrying so much!
Bentley:  Where are Bethany Nicole and Thomas?

Bimmer:  They're probably taking a nap with Turbo.

Turbo: (comes in yawning)  Smells good in here.  Who's taking a nap with Turbo?  And another question: did I just see a hot air balloon float down the hall?

Bimmer:  HOT AIR BALLOON!  BUPPIES!  I TOLD you the balloon's not ready to fly yet! Thomas!  Bethany!  (runs out)


Bimmer:  (runs back in)  Turbo!  Bentley!  I need your help before Mummy sees the lamp!  (grabs aspirin bottle and runs out again.  Turbo follows.)

Bentley:  And there you have it folks!  Thanksgiving at the Hardiman house.  PLEASE adopt a buppy!  They mean well and they're all well-behaved by themselves, it's just there are SO MANY OF THEM HERE!

Bimmer:  (from other room)  BENTLEY!

Bentley:  Coming!  (runs out)


Monday, November 25, 2013

Wow # 79: The Twelve Buppies of Christmas - Part 6

Bimmer:  Hello everyone.  Thank you for joining us for the final rehearsal of the buppies' Christmas program.  We're sorry about the delay.  These things happen!  (sighs)  Now buppies, everyone say "thank you" to Bentley and Turbo for fixing the stage for us!

Buppies:  Thank you Sir Bentley!  Thank you Mr. Turbo!

Turbo:  That's okay kids.  Be careful from now on though, we can't have anyone getting hurt!

Buppies:  Okay Mr. Turbo!

Bimmer:  Very good!  Now let's begin.  Day eleven.  Let me see, that's Terence!  Ready Terence?

Terence:  Yes'm Miss Bimmoo!

Bimmer:  Good!

Terence:  (climbs up on podium)  On the eleventh day of Christmas my buppy gave to me:  Eleven frozen sardines!  (whispers) I lubs sardine sicles!

Bethany Nicole:  Ten Jumbones!

Josiah:  Seven fancy cookies!

Bimmer:  Josiah!  What happened to the other cookies?

Josiah:  Umm.  I dunno Miss Bimmoo.

Bimmer:  Josiah, there are crumbs on the podium.  Did you EAT the cookies?

Josiah:  EAT the cookies?  ME?

Bimmer:  (groans) Never mind.  Continue buppies.

Sheila Marie:  Eight cups of cocoa!

Harvey:  Seven bully sticks!

Thomas:  Six festive cheeselogs!

All:  (but not Lila Ann, of course)  FIVE BACON STRIPS!!

Walter:  Four duck feeties!

Charity Lynn:  Three french fries!

Mary Jane:  Two frosty milkshakes!

Ronald:  And a bacon burger with some cheeeeeeesssee!!

Bimmer:  That's very good buppies.  Day twelve!  Ellis, bring us home!

Ellis Margaret:  Iz can do it Miss Bimmoo!  (leaps onto podium)  On the twelfth day of Christmas my buppy gave to meeeee:  TWELVE fluffy pancakes!

Terence:  Eleven frozen sardines!

Bethany Nicole:  Ten Jumbones

Josiah:  Mmph!  SIX fancy cookies!

Bimmer:  Josiah!  Stop eating the cookies!

Josiah:  But Miss Bimmoo!  Deys good!

Bimmer:  *facepaw*

Mary Jane:  Uh oh!  Miss Bimmoo gots a headache!  Let's finish this song up good for hew everybody!

All:  Okay!

Sheila Marie:  Eight cups of cocoa!

Harvey:  Seven bully sticks!

Thomas:  Six festive cheeselogs!

All:  (except Lila)  FIVE BACON STRIPS!!!

Walter:  Four duck feeties!

Charity Lynn:  Three french fries!

Mary Jane:  Two frosty milkshakes!



Bentley, Bimmer and Turbo:  (clap, clap, clap!)

Bimmer:  Great job buppies!  I'm so proud of you!

Walter:  Let's eat the foodies!  Yay!

Mary Jane:  Yeah!  (slurp)

Harvey:  I can't wait to chew on one of these bully sticks!

Ellis:  I just lubs pancakies!  Dey's not all that fluffy though.  Dey's kinda FLAT!

 Terence:  Dey's s'posed to be flat!  Dey's pancakes!  Want a sardinesicle?

Ellis:  Yes!  Want some pancakes?

Terence:  Yum!

Bimmer:  But buppies!  You need to wait!  What will we use when you perform in your Christmas program?

Bentley:  Aw come on Bimmer!  They're having a little party to say good-bye to Ronald.  He's going to his furever home!  They wouldn't be able to perform without Ronald anyway.

Lila Ann:  Wonald gots a furever home?

Bentley:  He sure does!  He's going to live with my good pal Bernie.

Ronald:  And we're going to sing loud every day and eat bacon burgers with some cheese!

Lila Ann:  I want a furever home!

Ronald:  You didn't sing at all!

Bimmer:  That's okay, Lila Ann.  Someone will be looking for a QUIET buppy too!  I'm sure they will.

Bentley:  Sure they will.  We'll get everyone up for adoption on the Sir Bentley Art Facebook page as quick as we can.  I bet everyone will have homes by Christmas!

Terence:  So that's why we have to eat all the foodies now Miss Bimmoo

Sheila Marie:  'Sides, Josiah's already eaten most of the cookies!

Josiah:  Heh heh.  Mmmph!  Nom! Nom! Nom!

Sheila Marie:  See?  There're hardly any left for my cocoa!

Bentley:  That's okay, I heard Aunt Angie say she was making biscotti.  They go GREAT with cocoa!

Sheila Marie:  REALLY?

Bentley:  Sure.  Enough for everyone!

All:  YAY!!!

(Everyone follows Bentley out.)

Bimmer:  Thanks everyone for joining what I guess was the last performance of the "Twelve Buppies of Christmas"  (sighs)  Now I better go call Aunt Angie and warn her about the mob, or there won't be any biscotti for Thanksgiving!

*If you'd like to adopt one of the remaining eleven buppies of Christmas or one of the other adorable ornaments, please visit our Facebook store at Sir Bentley Art.

Thank you for joining us and supporting the buppies first efforts at performing!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

WOW #78: The "Twelve Buppies of Christmas" Part 5

Bimmer:  Welcome back everyone!  I hope you didn't miss us too too much last night!  I wanted the buppies to have a chance toplay outside and enjoy the nice warm weather while it lasted.  It's getting colder here in Virginia right now, even as we prepare for our rehearsal.  Brrr!

No, it isn't quite THAT cold here.  Not yet, but you get the idea.  Anyway, we're all ready to to rehearse and we'll start with day 9.  Josiah?

Josiah:  I sing now Miss Bimmoo?

Bimmer:  Yes Josiah, sing now.

Josiah:  'K.  (hops up on podium)  On the ninth day of Christmas my buppy gave to me:  Nine fancy cookies!

Sheila Marie:  (whispers to Josiah as they exchange places) I bet those would be good with my cocoa.

Josiah: (whispers back) Yeah!

Bimmer:  Buppies!

Sheila Marie:  Sowwy Miss Bimmoo.  Eight cups of cocoa!

Harvey:  Seven bully sticks!  Miss Bimmoo can I chew on one of these while I'm waiting?  No one will notice.

Bimmer:  You need to wait Harvey.

Harvey:  (sighs)

Thomas:  Six festive cheeselogs!

Everyone:  (except:  you guessed it - Lila)  FIVE BACON STRIPS

Walter:  Four duck feeties!

Charity Lynn:  Three french firs.

Walter:  FIRS!  You mean FRIES!

Charity Lynn:  Oh yeah!  (giggles)  Three french fries!

Mary Jane:  Two frosty milkshakes!

Ronald:  And a bacon burger with some cheeeeeeeeeeese!

Bimmer:  Ummm.  Yes, okay Buppies.  That was a pretty good job, but everyone try to really concentrate for Day 10, okay?  Bethany Nicole?  Your turn.

Bethany Nicole:  Yay!  Finally!  (races up to podium and jumps up)  On the tenth day of Christmas my buppy gave to me:  10 nummy jumbones!

Josiah:  Eight fancy cookies!

Bimmer:  Josiah, it should be NINE fancy cookies.

Josiah:  Oh, uh yeah! NINE fancy cookies!

Bimmer:  But Josiah, there are only EIGHT cookies on your plate.

Josiah:  (innocently) There ARE?

Bimmer:  Yes, there are.  What happened to the other cookie?

Josiah:  (looks around)  Ummm, maybe I dropped it?

Bimmer:  Okay, after the rehearsal, you look for it.

Josiah:  'K!

Bimmer:  All right buppies.  Continue!

Sheila Marie:  Eight cups of cocoa.

Harvey:  Seven bullysticks!

Thomas:  Six  festive cheese logs!

Ronald:  (before anyone else can sing)  FIIIVVVEE BAAAACOOONNN STRIIIIIIPPPPS!

Bimmer:  (giggles)  Oh Ronald!  Go on everyone.

Walter:  Four duck feeties!

Charity Lynn:  Three french fries!

Mary Jane:  Two frosty milkshakes!  Can I take a sip Miss Bimmoo?

Bimmer:  Not quite yet Mary Jane.  You're doing a VERY good job.

Mary Jane:  Tank you Miss Bimmoo!

Ronald:  AND a bacon buuurgeeer with some cheeeeeeeeeeeese!

Ronald:  Yay!  We're done!  Can we eat the foodies now Miss Bimmoo?

Bimmer:  Ronald, we still have Day 11 and Day 12.

Ronald:  Oh yeah.

Bimmer:  Come on everybody, we'll go have a treat.  Last rehearsal tomorrow night!

Everyone: (EVEN Lila)  YAYYYYY!