Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WOW #48: Preparing for Thanksgiving Part Deux

Whew!! I am busy, busy, BUSY!! So much to do! It was a LOT easier with all the help, believe me! Maybe you can have too many COOKS in the kitchen, but you can NEVER have too many Bassets and friends in the kitchen! That's what I think!

Anyway I've been baking up a storm in my EZ Bake oven. I made this lemon chess pie:

I don't know why it got a hole in the middle! I was SOOOO disappointed!

Bimmer and Turbo said they DID NOT poke their noses into it and I believe them. They've been working hard to make everything perfect too. Plus they're both very honorable doggies!

I you suppose?.......COULD it have been...............THE TERRIERIST??!!! (He's still at large you know)

Auntie A says not to worry, it will still taste just as good and that's what matters the most.

Anyway, my chocolate pecan tart turned out much prettier!

(You'll all have to just imagine the crunchy pecan topping spread over the tart because the directions in the recipe said not to put it on there until it is time to serve it.)

And then there was the bread. I really, REALLY like to knead bread dough! It's lots of fun and if you're feeling stressed it's a very good way to work off the tension. I used my Grandma Ellen's recipe...

(I hope those are the right kind of flowers! I'd want Grandma Ellen to be proud of me if she were here!)

Now that all that baking is done...a treat sure would be nice!

Can anyone spare a cookie??

Okay so tomorrow I'm going to make...what's that? Tomorrow is THANKSGIVING?????

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! How can this be? Gotta get busy! Turkey! Gotta prep the turkey! And peel the potatoes! Bimmer! Stand by for gravy making! And would you ask Lambchops to help with the veggies? She does an awesome job of veggies (but imagine how much BETTER she'd be if she'd just have that surgery I recommended!!) I can't BELIEVE it's TOMORROW! Turbo! Help!! Crank up the EZ Bake again would you? It needs to be hot for cooking the turkey. Oh dear, oh DEAR! What should I do first??

Ooops! Sorry everybody, I have to rush around now! I hope you all have your best Thanksgiving EVER!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

WOW #47: Thanksgiving Dinner Part 2

Ohhhhhhh! I'm still so tired (and so FULL) we've been eating leftovers all weekend! Ohhhhhhhhhh! Today though I finally did a little cleaning. We covered over the fire pit in the backyard. Mummy said we don't need to serve a pig to her and Aunties A and M and Uncle K. Just a turkey will be fine and I can cook THAT in my EZ Bake oven.

I've just got to get my oven cleaned out good and then I'll be ready to consult my recipes...

Thank goodness Turbo is here to help! I do hope this is a SELF CLEANING EZ Bake though! Let me just set it to clean and then....

....maybe I'll....just....catch forty winks.....wake me when it's time to cook!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WOW #46: The Pre-Thanksgiving Party

Busy, busy, busy!! We're all running around here so fast we keep bumping into each other at corners! Lots of you have accepted our EasyBake Thanksgiving invitation on Facebook! It's going to be real fun!

I'm firing up the EZ Bake oven, getting ready for the test run on Friday! We're going to have a blast, I just know it! Many thanks to Mr. G Killabee E for all of his help with the shopping list! (AND for volunteering to roast the pig in the EZ Bake firepit!) NOW if we can just keep Mummy out of the kitchen! She keeps trying to "help" (sigh). Auntie A says that Grandma Ellen was just like that too and Mummy can't help it. She says she'd probably be the same if she were at our house! (Thank goodness she isn't! I think we'd have to put a lock on the kitchen doors or something if we had TWO of them!) I keep telling Mummy to just relax, that we'll take care of everything. I don't think she knows how to do that so I've asked my good friend Beauregard Burnside III to bring his Bluehair to sit at the bar and drink with her. Turbo says she'll get really happy if we do that!

We've just about got the yard ready now...

...note the bar to the far right side of the tent.

Bimmer has been having problems with the turkey. You remember how he looked a week ago...

...well he's lost a little weight since then... see he can run REALLY fast!

Bimmer had to chase him a LOT! And she can't seem to get his feathers shaken off either.

On the up side, I think he'll fit in the EZ Bake a lot better now!

Oh and I've always been told that you can dry the turkey out if you leave the stuffing inside so...

This is gonna be the greatest party EVER!!!

Boy am I tired though! I think I'll just take a little snooze on my new bed that a kind lady who lives near Auntie A sent me.

Wasn't that nice of her? I'll rest a little NOW and THEN when Mummy goes to bed, I can get some more stuff done! Hope to see everybody Friday!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WOW #45 Points to Ponder...

Greetings everyone. I have a few invaluable pieces of advice to pass along to you based on my experiences in the last week.

Point number 1: If you mess up your blanket/desk after Mummy arranges it for you, it can be VERY uncomfortable...all lumpy and disorganized:

Bear in mind that Mummy might not have time to keep fixing it for you if she's really busy working.

Point #2: If your brother the Bull Terrier tells you he knows the best place to get really FRESH turkeys, you might want to ask a few more questions or you could end up with THIS:

Yup, that's right. In our dog yard fattening up for the big day! Turbo really DOES know where to find FRESH turkeys!! We're having a hard time remembering not to chase him around, but Mummy says that if we want to have a yummy turkey for Thanksgiving, we have to let him get fat! (Bimmer really, really wants to chase him around, heehee!)

Ummm, does anybody know how to get THAT turkey to look like THIS?

I know what to do with it from this point, but...well....any ideas on how to handle this situation would be welcomed!

Point number 3: And MOST important. When your Auntie A comes over to take care of you while Mummy is away, DO NOT run away from her, especially if you live in the city like I do! You shouldn't even do it to get an extra Snausage if you can believe that. Mummy and Auntie A say that's VERY BAD and you can get HURT and lots of other terrible things!

If you DO run away, you may have to watch THOUSANDS of episodes of "Dog Whisperer" and "It's Me Or the Dog" and announce on Facebook how sorry you are and all sorts of other unpleasant consequences! (The only fun thing I got to do was make a cake for Auntie A in my EZ bake oven! It was VERY good, everyone LOVED it!)

Point number 4: If you DO get into trouble like that, then be sure to look as sorry (and adorable) as possible and they'll melt and forgive you.

Be sure to keep these things in mind if you want to have a happier, easier and less complicated life.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

WOW #44: Plans and Problems

Busy, busy, BUSY! I've been working on my shopping list.

It's not so easy to manage a pencil as you might think.

Mmmmmmphhh! Grrrrrr!

Okay (huff, huff, pant, pant) must work WITH the pencil! The pencil and I become ONE!!

Okay, turkey....let's see. What else? Wow this is MUCH harder without Mummy and Auntie A to help with spelling.

Well...let me just close my eyes and think about it a little....zzzzzzzzz.....

Oops! Sorry, list making is VERY tiring! Thanks to my good friends Roscoe and Bernie, I now have bacon, peanut butter, potatoes and bread-making stuff on my list. They're such good, helpful friends! Bailey De Queen is helping too. In fact, she's coming down with Linus on Thanksgiving to help! That will be So-oooo-ooooo fun! Bimmer's very excited. So is Turbo, we just can't wait!!

I also heard from a very thoughtful lady who was concerned about my easy bake oven. Let me share what she said with you and hopefully put all these worries to rest:

"you know it doesn't cook turkeys it only does cookies and things like that..if you want to cook should use a toaster oven!"

Thanks for your concern, but you see, THAT's exactly why we're looking for an engineer. An engineer will be able to help solve this problem and also tell me how to fit a turkey in there. You see, I don't have a toaster oven, but I DO have an EZ Bake!

"the Easy Bake oven takes a LONG time to cook stuff..I mean..your basically cooking on alight bulb!"

Yup, Mummy told me I should get started VERY soon because of the time problem.

"You know, it's pink"

I've noticed, but I don't let it worry me. I'm very secure. Besides, pink is Bimmer's very favorite color.

"there are many recipes online for the oven."

THERE ARE?!! COOL! (Excuse me everyone, I have to look this up! Oh wow! COOKIES!! Oh WOW! OH WOW!!!! LOOK at all those pizza recipes! Hey Turbo! Bimmer! Look at this! We won't have to have our pizzas shoved in through the mail slot anymore, we can make our own and not have to eat the crushed pieces!!!) Umm, sorry about that....but THAT WAS A REALLY COOL site!! I shouldn't have any trouble at all with Thanksgiving dinner now that I have all those recipes! Thank you SO MUCH to the nice lady who took all that time to help me out!

Now we just need to find that engineer and we'll be ready to start cookin'! (pun intended) I wonder if I should have TWO EZ bake ovens so I can do more at one time....Auntie A knows some people with kids.....Mummy!....can I call Auntie A?????

See you later everybody. Have a wonderful end of the week!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

WOW #43: Season's Eatings!

Hi there everybody! Mummy told me today that this is the first day of November. I'm very excited because November means Thanksgiving...and THANKSGIVING means lots of yummies!

Of course, I don't really think me and Turbo get our fair share of the good stuff! This year we've got Bimmer to help us out too so maybe we can manage to score a few more goodies. We can trip people up if we have to...

Mummy says Auntie M and Uncle K will be coming to our house for Thanksgiving fun is that? AND they might bring Auntie B and Uncle S (AKA Uncle E)! Auntie A will be there too, but she's almost as strict as Mummy (I think she'd give us more treats but Mummy has convinced her that it's bad discipline, did you EVER hear anything so silly?) Auntie M on the other hand is a little easier to convince and she's always talking about how Uncle K is forever giving my friend Lizzie and the other kitties more food. Sounds like he might be an easy mark. AND if Auntie B comes...well Auntie M has said several times that Auntie B tells her she'd never be able to resist I think with all THREE of us working her, she'll be a complete pushover!

Who could POSSIBLY resist THIS?

or THIS?

or THIS?!

Yes, I think we've got them locked up...IF they come.

ACTUALLY, I've come up with an even more sure fire plan. Are you ready for this? It's a real doozy!


I'M going to volunteer to cook the whole meal my EZ Bake oven! Oh wow! This is SUCH a good plan I'm STILL amazed by it! Just think, I'll need to do a LOT of tasting to make sure everything's just right! And Turbo and Bimmer can be my helpers so they can do some tasting too! (Maybe not quite as much as me though...) That way we'll be assured of a LOT of goodies and we won't have to ask ANYbody!! Wow I think this plan might be foolproof! Oh I can't wait to tell Bimmer and Turbo!! They'll be so excited.

Now lets see...I'll need a bunch of recipes...yeah and some food to cook...oh and probably someone with an engineering degree to figure out how to wedge a turkey into the EZ Bake. Other than that it should be a piece of cake! (Hee hee! Piece of cake!)

I better do some thinking...

And a LOT of planning! All suggestions are welcome! Let me know if there's anything special you think I should cook. Won't the family be surprised when they find out Turbo and Bimmer and me cooked Thanksgiving dinner!