Sunday, December 25, 2011

WOW #55: Enjoying the Fruits of Our Labors

Merry Christmas everybody!!

Mummy made us a delicious bacon quiche for Christmas brunch and we all enjoyed it very much. She made some other stuff too and so did Auntie A, but for some reason, the quiche was the only thing WE got to sample!

THEN we finally got around to opening gifts and I just had to tell you about Mummy's Christmas presents! She LOVED them!! She said they were PERFECT and that we're all SOOOOO talented and...what? What did we give her? Oh yeah, I haven't told you yet. Sorry about that.


We each did our self portrait! Mummy says they're perfect and we're so talented and wonderful and artistic!

Now that the dogs are out of the bags...can you see why Turbo finished first? I mean it's MUCH easier to model an all white dog...even when you DO add a red collar!

Bimmer's was a little more challenging...

...but she did a very good job, don't you think?

Mine, of course, was VERY difficult! But I did a fair job I think...

Mummy said that she especially liked the freckles on my nose and my feet! I'm glad that she did! They were particularly difficult to get just right.

Donkey Odie liked my statue too!

Mummy's very happy so all that hard work really paid off! Oh and we got something special for Auntie A too! We got her...are you ready for this?

Her VERY OWN EZ Bake oven! Now she won't have to use that big monstrosity of an oven any more! Yay!!!

Santa Paws was very good to all of us...Auntie A says she thinks we have enough treats to last us until NEXT Christmas! I hope he was just as good or better to all of you, my friends. Enjoy the rest of your Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

WOW #54: Operation Mummy's Christmas Present Concludes

Last night we sent Mummy off to have dinner with a friend while we went to Auntie A's house and finished up our project. It was a little hairy (hehheh) there for a while. We had tools all over the place!

Ooops! SOMEBODY left part of the project out! (oh yeah...that was me, right)

FINALLY we got it all done. We were all EXHAUSTED!! Auntie A was nice enough to wrap them for us and put them in pretty bags while we rested up and sampled some treats she was making...she called them sausage balls. All I know is they were YUMMY!!

Mine's the one on the right with the cute little penguin on it. Bimmer's is the girlie one in the middle. Turbo did the "grown-up" bag with the fancy gold paper on the left.


Want to know what's in the bags?.....

It's a secret, I can't TELL you.......

But I'll give you some hints. If you guess, please don't tell Mummy. We want her to be surprised!

Did you guess? Okay, okay, here's another hint...

Now?....You need another more...

Got it yet? No? Oh well, you'll need to wait until Christmas Day when Mummy opens her gifts...just like Mummy. I can hardly wait! Bimmer and Turbo are excited too! How are we EVER going to be able to wait another WHOLE DAY? AND TWO MORE NIGHTS?! oh Oh OH!! and Santa comes tomorrow night too! So exciting! Merry Christmas everybody!! May you be blessed with toys and cookies and love and fun times with family!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

WOW #53: Presents! Presents! Presents!!

Today was present day at work! I know, I know! It's better to give than to receive. THAT's why we've been working so hard on Operation Mummy's Christmas Present. It's REALLY FUN to GET presents too though!

Here's my haul:

Well...actually some of that was for Auntie A. A lot was mine though. Mummy and Auntie M got presents too, but theirs aren't in the picture.

Here's my new overnight bag from Auntie M...also a stocking with my REAL name on it!

And IN the bag...

I wasn't too sure about this sweater at first...

...but Mummy and the girls (Aunties A and M) said I was very handsome...

...AND they said I could have treats from my stocking because I was so good-looking and well-behaved!

Auntie A gave me one present today. She said she's saving the rest for Christmas. She always spends Christmas Day with us. This was my office present though.

Auntie A is SO good at finding patients who need my services STAT!

We weren't even sure what it is! Auntie A said she thinks it's a sea monster!

NOW it's much happier! See? See Bimmer? Look how happy he is!

I on the other hand was exhausted! Emergency surgeries are so STRESSFUL!

Auntie M gave me some patients too, but she says I have to share with Turbo and Bimmer.

Fortunately, these aren't as desperately ill as that sea monster...

What a fun day! Wouldn't it be nice if every day was present day? Mummy says I'd get tired of it, but I bet it would take a REALLY long time!!

Turbo and Bimmer are calling. We have to hurry off to Auntie A's to finish Operation Mummy's Christmas present now. I'll try to post about our progress tomorrow. Oh I HOPE we finish in time!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

WOW #52: Frantic Weekend!

On Saturday morning I was in the kitchen baking a test batch of cookies for the big EZ Bake cookie party tomorrow and Turbo came in and said that Christmas was only a week away! A WEEK!! OH NO!! We've barely made a start on Operation Mummy's Christmas Present!

Needless to say...we left the cookies cooling on the counter and hotfooted it over to Auntie A's house posthaste! She was baking cookies too...or at least she was decorating the cookies she'd already baked. Hmmm, pistachio lime...that's exactly what I was baking too! Auntie A baked hers to give to friends for Christmas. There were some left over for hungry hounds (and bull terriers) to sample though.

After taste testing the cookies for Auntie A, we got down to business. Auntie M sent us some tools and we put them to good use.

We worked...and worked...

...and WORKED!!! All weekend long.

Turbo is finished with his gift. Bimmer and I still have a lot of work to do. Turbo says this is because he's older and has more finely honed skills. Bimmer and I think it might be because his project was less complex than ours. (You'll see what I mean, at the great unveiling on Christmas Day when Mummy opens them.) Anyway, he said he'd help us get finished up. (He's the BEST big brother in the WORLD!!)

I hope we can pull this off! Only six more days until Christmas! (if you count today that is) Wow the time's going FAST!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

WOW #51: Our First Work Session

Operation Mummy's Christmas Present has commenced! Auntie A said we could work at her house so we went over there tonight and started setting up.

Auntie A has a Nativity Scene set up in her entry. She says there's plenty of room for them at HER house even if there wasn't room in the inn!

She also has a big Christmas tree! We don't have one that big at our house. Mummy says there's not room for a Bull Terrier, two Bassets AND a big Christmas tree in our little house!

Auntie A's house is small too, but as you can see, the tree was still standing at the end of the evening! (Maybe Mummy will let us have one now too???)

Oh and here's an interesting note: Cousin Buster is a daredevil! I never knew! When he can't find anything else thrilling to do, he goes for a spin in the dryer!

While we were working, we had live entertainment...

...Iris and Isabel took turns singing to us. Iris is singing in this picture. You can tell because her face is lighted up.

Know who that is in the photograph between them?

That's Grandma Ellen! (You know the one with all the yummy recipes for Santa Cookies and pies and things) Auntie A said the little girl with her is: Auntie A! I don't see how it can be though! Auntie A is NOT a little girl! She's a grown up lady!

Oh well, anyway here's our top secret workspace.

I can't show you what we're working on because Mummy might see it. We're nearly ready to get started now. I think we need a few tools though. Anybody have a saw? How about a hammer?


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


He answered my letter! Santa ANSWERED!! And he told us the neatest thing to give Mummy too! It's going to take some work though...and we need a place where Mummy won't see what we're working on. It would ruin the surprise if she saw it before Christmas! Turbo says not to worry, we'll get it figured out.

In the meantime, I've been baking some cookies. I made my special Santa cookies. They're easy!

1. You start by finding the recipe in Cookbook for Rescue

2. Then you do your "mise en place"

3. And mix up your dough...

4. Now roll them into sort of an egg shape (make sure you pack the dough firmly together so they'll hold the shape...

5. Once you've baked them, put them in the powdered sugar bowl (this is the fun part)

6. After they're cooled, you might want to roll them again to get good coverage...

*Putting them on the cupcake papers makes it easier for someone to eat one without getting messy!*

7. Then put them in a pretty box and save them for Santa! (They ARE Santa cookies after all!) Well okay, save SOME of them for Santa. You can eat some too!

And there you are!! No trouble at all! Piece of cake...ummm cookie...piece of cookie! That's all for now. I'll keep you posted on Operation Mummy's Christmas Present!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

WOW #49: Letter to Santa

December 6, 2011

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good puppy this year. I have helped Mummy and the aunties with work...

I have been pleasant and friendly to all the people who came to visit me...

I've kept an eye on the cars for Uncle Boss Man whenever he was away...

I played nicely with Turbo...

I always cleaned my plate-bowl, I mean bowl...

I've worked hard to save the lives of a lot of desperately ill office assistants...

I welcomed my new sister with love, even let her use my bed...

I helped to catch one of the Terrierist Gang and send him away...

AND I even cooked Thanksgiving Dinner for Mummy and all my friends in my EZ Bake oven!

And now Dear Santa, I REALLY need your help! (So do Bimmer and Turbo.) Please tell us something good to give Mummy for Christmas! She takes good care of all of us and we want to give her something special!

Thank you Santa. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas trip this year! (Oh and if you really want to...we'll be glad to receive any cookies, toys and other gifts you'd like to leave...wink, wink.)