Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WOW #1: How to Choose a Good Adoptive Family

1. It's extremely important to be as adorable and irresistible as possible. This is a picture of me with my brothers and sister. (I'm the one taking a little rest) Fortunately all of us were extremely adorable (and we still are!)

2. When meeting prospective parents forget about the superficial stuff! You want to find the ones who SMELL right. They should smell like good cooks because eating is VERY important! (I like a tasty bowl of kibble with butter sauce myself). Also check to see if they smell like other dogs. You want to take this into account when choosing. If you want siblings (like I did) choose someone who has dogs already. If you're more the diva/only dog type, choose a family without other pets.

This is me with my brother, Turbo. (Yes we ARE both named after cars. How smart you are!)

3. Another thing to look for in a new Mummy is whether or not she understands you. Not everyone knows what you mean when you say "woof", shocking but true. When your spoken language vocabulary is somewhat limited you need to be careful to choose a new mother who understands all the subtle nuances. My mummy is pretty good but sometimes even she doesn't seem to "get" what I'm telling her. More about THAT later.

4. You also want understanding of personality. If your brother should happen to poop on the leg of the table next to the well (STAY AWAY FROM WELLS!) instead of in the grass like you and all the others did, make sure your prospective mummy laughs indulgently rather than acting horrified. Horror is a bad sign in a prospective puppy parent! (LOVE that alliteration!)

5. I think nice cushiony people are the best choices for parents. They make a comfy lap for you to cuddle on and they're often better cooks! Bony laps are not very comfortable!

6. Be SURE to be as adorable as possible! I can't stress this adorable thing enough. It's like location in real estate.

Puppies and other dogs looking for a home, follow these few simple rules and I'm sure you'll end up with a Mummy and family as nice as mine!

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