Thursday, June 30, 2011

WOW #2 Meeting the rest of the family

Wow! Thank goodness I FINALLY got a turn on the computer! Mummy took it to work with her today and LEFT ME AT HOME! See this is one of those times when she doesn't seem to understand what I'm telling her. (In this case: "hey! You forgot me! Come back! Come back!") Oh well. Anyway moving on with the tips, once you've chosen your new parent(s) you'll start to meet the rest of the family.

In my case, I met Turbo first. (My brother, you remember, I mentioned him yesterday) Turbo is a really great brother. He never gets mad even if you chew on his leg, sit on him, or bop him on the head with a football. This was our first afternoon together.

When you're meeting siblings for the first time, it's important to let them think they're in charge, even if they're really not. It makes it easier for them to welcome you into their home. Remember, they were there first. Fortunately for me, Turbo was very easy going so I didn't have to try very hard.

It's a good thing too because I DID have to try a little harder with the next family member I met. Sometimes you run across a problem you weren't anticipating and you need to be prepared for those. Auntie A, that's Mummy's sister, thought that she was afraid of dogs. She thought so until she met ME that is. I worked on her for a while, looking adorable (remember that's key!) and crawling over to sleep on top of her foot. She came around fairly fast. She still doesn't want me to kiss her, but I persist. One day she'll have to give in! After all, who could resist THIS?

Now Auntie M was different, (That's M, NOT Em! We're not visiting Oz in this blog.) I had her at "hello" I think she's Mummy's sister too, although she really doesn't look as much like her as Auntie A does...oh well. Mummy and Auntie M and Auntie A all work together and I work with them. Watch for my entry on puppies working in the near future. Cousin D works in the same building too. I LOVE Cousin D, we're buds! One day, Mummy and Auntie A took me to visit Uncle M (there are a LOT of Uncle M's actually, but this one is Mummy's brother, so I came up with different names for the others. Cousin B was there too so I got to meet both of them at one time. I fell asleep next to Uncle M's chair (looking as adorable as possible).

Be sure to keep in mind when meeting the family:

1. Let all sibling dogs think they're the boss.

2. Be patient with nervous or shy family members. They'll come around.

3. Be friendly with everyone, you never know when you might be greeting a relative!

4. Adorableness is essential!

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  1. Now that was nothing but the TRUTH!!!