Friday, January 6, 2012

WOW #56: Sad, sad, sad!

Oh NOOOO! She's really going to do it! I thought when she stayed the extra week that I'd managed to prevail, but I was WRONG!!!

I'm a perturbed puppy!

A downhearted dog!

A bellicose Basset!

Okay, okay, so maybe I'm NOT really ready to go to war and maybe I DID get a little carried away there, but it really IS terrible news!

Auntie A is LEAVING us!! She has a new job somewhere else! She says she's going to close mortgages.....

Now I don't know what a mortgage is or who's leaving them all open, but I wish they'd STOP IT!! If they weren't so careless about it, Auntie A wouldn't have to go close them all now would she?

Auntie A says she'll still come to see Mummy and Turbo and Bimmer and me and maybe she'll even stop by the office sometimes. It won't be the same though, I KNOW it won't! I wouldn't even let Auntie A pet me when she was ready to leave today. That'll show her!!!

Mummy says we'll get used to it. I suppose we'll HAVE to. (sighs and rolls eyes) Mummy also said that I can take over doing the banking now since Auntie A won't be doing it anymore. That's the only good news I've heard!

The other day, Auntie A took me with her to show me what I'd need to do.

First you look all around and greet everyone who's waiting in line and all the tellers.

Then you have to take care of all your banking business...

After you're all finished with get a COOKIE! YAYYYY!!

I LOVE going to the bank!

After the bank we went to....

Yup, you guessed it!


Here I am waiting for Auntie A to bring back my bacon burger.

Oh I HOPE they put extra bacon on it this time!!!

.................What was I talking about?...................

Oh yeah, Auntie A got another job....I KNEW there was SOMETHING....

Hmm, maybe it won't be QUITE so bad as I thought. This bank and Five Guys trip every day has a definite up side!

Bye Auntie A! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!


  1. Ah, boooooooo! That is sad news Bentley! That is awesome that they let you INSIDE the bank though!!! Happy Friday and best wishes to Auntie A!

  2. Inside the bank and a treat and a bacon burger!! What a day!!

  3. ♥ loved reading this :)

  4. Thanks for the support (and compliments) everyone! I wish Auntie A wasn't leaving, but I have to admit...I LOVE my new job!

    You're right FinleytheWestie! That WAS a pretty good day. I'm so glad those Five Guys came to town!

    Roscoe, I'll pass your wishes along to Auntie A. Come visit me and we'll go to the bank (and Five Guys) together!

  5. Meez lubbin's your blouse Miss Bonnie! x