Saturday, April 21, 2012

WOW #65: The Waddle, Part Two

In our last episode Bimmer and I had just arrived in Ocean City with our humans in tow and had settled in for the night. We now join the action the following morning... When we got up the next morning, after a sort of rocky night (It's not EASY sleeping in an unfamiliar bed! Mummy said Bimmer and I could sleep with her, but I jumped down and went to sleep on the bed she brought with us. Made it feel a little more like home.)we went for a little morning walk. Then Mummy and Auntie A went out and when they came back they brought us a surprise! Bacon! It smelled SOOOO good! We could hardly wait while Mummy made breakfast!
As soon as she got it ready I dug right in! Yuummm YUM!
After that we had to wait while Mummy and Auntie A got ready. Humans take FOREVER to get ready! Ever noticed that? I tried to prod Mummy along a little. (Here's your shoe Mummy, right over here!)
FINALLY we were Waddle Bound with flags flying!
The Meet and greet was SO much fun! We met LOTS of new friends and saw some old ones.
Here's the next Derby winner! We think that's John Velazquez up!
Here's a hound who's super ready, you can tell! That's Baxter's lovely and wonderful mom in the background helping with registration.
This next guy we were very excited about! Mr. Beach....The HOUND! Bimmer was very thrilled to meet such a celebrity!
Mummy said this was a VERY handsome hound. HUMMMMPH! Bimmer and I took a few moments from the mixer to have close up portraits done.
AND we finally got to see the debut of Baxter's super secret costume:
Do you know what he is? Some people didn't get it, but I did. So did Mummy and Auntie A. (He's a CHICK MAGNET! Aren't we all?) Baxter won second place in the costume contest. We all thought he should have had first! His costume was so clever and original!
Here's a picture of some of the homes we passed in Ocean City.
When we got to the boardwalk, I had to greet a lot of fans. I LOVE greeting fans! PREE-SENT Bell-EE! (Heehee, get a belly rub whenever you can, that's what I say) Bimmer and I asked Mummy if we could have some ice cream....
....but she didn't think it would be good for our tummies after all that excitement. (Sighs loudly) After a while we went back to the motel and Baxter and I talked cars for a while.
Bimmer was a little bored with all the guy talk. She said she wished she'd brought Lambchops along. But THEN we got the best surprise of all! My Aunt Amy and Uncle Jim stopped by! I was REALLY excited. I met them last year and we've been friends on Facebook for a long time but didn't know we'd met before until it was nearly time for THIS year's Waddle!
I LOVE my beautiful Aunt Amy! Bimmer liked her too:
Then I said "hi" to Uncle Jim. He's really cool too!
Me and Uncle Jim were busy talking and we both forgot we were supposed to be posing for the camera. We turned our heads at exactly the wrong moment!
Aunt Amy says my paws are as big as her hand! She LOVES my paws! :)=) We wanted them to stay and stay, but they were on their way home, so we had to let them go. It was very sad.
We went up to our room and took a little rest. Bimmer got on the bed with Mummy... ...and I TRIED to get in my bed....
...but Mummy had folded it up...
...and it was just....
...IMPOSSIBLE!! (snorts)
So the next morning after another delicious bacon breakfast, we packed up the car and headed for home, back across all those wells...
...and now Bimmer is dreaming dreams of next year's Waddle!


  1. Oh, Bentley! Uncle Jim and I had a wonderful time with you, Bimmer, mommy and Aunt Angie! We didn't want to leave you, either, but we had a long drive home.
    We're counting the days until next year's Boardwaddle. Maybe you can all stay at the Residence Inn and we can see more of you!
    In the meantime, we'll see you on FB!

  2. That was quite the adventure! Baxter and his chick magnet costume were pretty cute! How great to meet all those other hounds! Thanks for sharing all your pictures. You guys must be exhausted! :)

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