Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WOW #66: Look Out for the Ambulance Chasers!

Greetings everyone! Bentley here! I need a new typist! Or perhaps a happier day job for my current typist. I don't know.

Anyway, I have sort of upsetting news! All my Facebook pals probably remember what happened with my cute little Moose Dog a while back. For those of you who aren't "in the know", let me quickly fill you in...

This is Moose Dog.

Cute little fellow, isn't he?

Tragically, while training for the Olympic Tug O War Event, Moose Dog was seriously injured! Turbo and I discovered him in the "gym" in great pain!

It must have been a terrible accident! I don't quite know what happened. *Rolls eyes innocently*

We rushed him straight to Dr. Mummy for surgery and she worked very hard for hours and HOURS to save him! After surgery he spent quite a long time in the ICU.

Unfortunately we just found out he is SUING Dr. Mummy! He says the surgery went as well as could be expected, but the post-op therapy that was prescribed nearly KILLED him! He says that he really doesn't think the WASHING MACHINE is the best place for wounded athletes like him to receive hydrotherapy!

We can't post such graphic photos in a family blog, but you've seen cotton candy machines? You know what that looks like with the fluffy stuff all around the sides? That's pretty much how Moose Dog looked after his first therapy session!

He was recently approached by an attorney who handles cases like this all the time. Here's his card:

Mr. Barkley is sure Moose Dog can get a huge settlement! The list of complaints include:

1. Pain and Suffering
2. Emotional Distress
3. No Olympic Medal
4. Loss of Wages
5. Skinny Antlers

Mr. Barkley has drawn up a list of demands and he is pretty sure we...uh, I mean...Moose Dog can win most if not all of them.

Here they are:

1. Cookies!
2. Snausages!
3. TBonz!
(LOTS of all of these)

4. Bacon!
5. Bully Sticks!

(LOTS of these too!)

6. Two trips per month to Five Guys for 2 years (For Moose Dog AND his good pal Bentley!

Also a large assortment of new toys and a special blanket just for Moose Dog.

Mr. Barkley says this case will probably be settled out of court, but not to worry if there's a trial. He says Moose Dog (and his good pal Bentley) are so cute we -uh- THEY will just naturally win!

I don't know what Dr. Mummy is going to do! Mr. Barkley hasn't heard anything from her attorney yet. I'll keep you posted!


  1. I think Dr. Mummy better just cut her losses and come up with all those demands for Bentley. Um...I mean Moose Dog. Although I do think the 2 trips a month for 2 years to Five Guys is kind of pushing it! LOL!

  2. Let's hope Dr. Mummy settles because if this case ever gets to a jury, they'll take one look at you Bentley - uh, I mean Moose Dog - and fall madly in love. Dr. Mummy could lose big time!

  3. me tinks mommy should pay fur de damages ...she is liable to de full extendz of de looked it up on de basste constitushium ..article 256 of de basset code...also me tinks Iz De Queen should get someffin since me no happy n suffew distress watchin me Knight Bentley n Count Turbo so sad n so worry not to menshium de stress inflcited ...n de traumatiz emoshinal scar dis will leave on dem.....(BOL) Bailey de Queen♥

  4. De Queen has spoken...everyone will receive treats...I would never question her judgement. Signed, De Mummy