Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Tail of Two Rescues: Part 1

Greetings Friends!  Yes, I know, I know!  It's been WAY too long, but being the CEO of Sir Bentley Art keeps me super busy!

Just recently though, I was inspired to tell you the most beautiful love story.  It's even true!  It's the story of my brother Turbo and his lovely fiancee, Zuda.  I call it  A Tail of Two Rescues.

I thought it would be best to tell it from the point of view of the principals and so we begin with Zuda (with a cameo by yours truly, of course).  First though, I must apologize to Zuda for not being able to speak her beautiful dialect.  Mummy and Aunt Angie always insisted that we speak correct hooman English you know.  (They didn't know any better and now it's too late) Anyway, without further ado, part 1:

 Part 1:  The Set Up
Our first meeting…ahhh yes.  It didn’t start out as romantically as a girl might hope, but of course all that was made up with interest and a cherry on top later.  Here’s what happened:
Lily and Abby and I went with Momma dog and Daddyman to the BROOD Ramble in September.  We always like to support the organization that gave all of us so many reasons to be happy.  This year too, we had heard that Bentley would be there campaigning.  My sisters and I had been following Bentley’s campaign and we thought he was awfully cute!  We even had some squabbles about who he would like best..

It was a wonderful day, even though hot.  We got to meet Bentley and his sister Bimmer and also our Queen, Bailey!  We were all so excited!  All those important Names in just one day, imagine!

All the way home we talked about how much we LOVED Bailey and Bimmer and giggled about Bentley and what a gorgeous President he would make and wouldn’t it be fun to be the First Lady if you were married to such a nice President?

We got busy right away on Facebook furthering our acquaintance with Bentley and supporting his campaign.  Were we ever disappointed when we found out he was already in a relationship!  But THEN he mentioned his brother and running mate, Turbo!  We were all excited again, ESPECIALLY after we saw his picture.  My but he looked strong and handsome and noble! 

Bentley tried to get Turbo to chat with us then, but Turbo said he thought he was much too old to find true love and besides, he needed to practice his piano since he’d be playing at George’s.  He did say he’d love to be friends with us though.

“How old is he?” I asked when Bentley reported this conversation.
“Well…he’s ten,” said Bentley hesitantly (he was only three at the time after all), “but most of the time he seems WAY younger than that, I promise!”  He’s really fun, he just needs more naps.  I like naps myself!”
That decided it for me!  After all, I’m the oldest sister and no spring chicken either!  I’m young at heart myself though and lots of naps sounds like a bonus to me!  “Back away girls,” I told my sisters, “THIS one is meant for ME!”

They pouted a little, but agreed that I should have the first chance.  (As if there would be a second chance for anybody! HMMPH!!)

“Hey Bentley,” I said then.  “Do you think Turbo would talk just to me?  I’m sure we could be really good friends.”
“I think so too,” said Bentley, “but he really is practicing right now.  Let me think…..WAIT A MINUTE!  I’ve got it!  It’s PERFECT!  Zuda, can you come to the bar day after tomorrow?  George’s Piano Bar I mean, you know the one?”
“I do know it,” I agreed, “and I’d love to come to George’s. But I don’t quite see…”
“Turbo will be playing then and Bessie will be working, she’ll help me introduce the two of you.  Please say you’ll come!”

I laughed, “of course I’ll come.  What time should I be there?”

To be continued....

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  1. oooh how romantic. Hurry me wants the next bit...