Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Tail of Two Rescues: Part 3

Part 3:  That Romantic First Date
It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was getting ready for my first date with the wonderful and studly Turbo.  Of course, it wasn’t as perfect as I planned. Mommadog insisted that Turbo meet me at home and not at the bar.  (She wanted to check him out.)  Turbo was (naturally) very nice about it and said he’d love to meet Mommadog.  Of course, that was before I found out she planned to chaperone the date!  Really Mommadog!  You act like I’m a puppy sometimes!  My sisters and I watched from the window for Turbo to arrive.  I was SOOOO nervous!

Fortunately, Turbo arrived in his red convertible, the one that was named after him!  There were only two seats, no room for Mommadog!  Woot woot!  Mommadog seemed to like Turbo and she agreed we could go without her.  

We didn’t notice right away how she and Lily and Abby were acting so funny, sneaking things out to a strange car and all…

We took off in Turbo’s car and it was a beautiful day.  I let my ears blow in the breeze.  It was so much fun!  We drove for a while but it seemed no time at all before Turbo was stopping at an ice cream stand.  He’s such a gentleman!  We had single dips of bacon flavored ice cream.  You should have seen the other customer stare!  You’d have thought he’d never seen two dogs get out of a red convertible and buy ice cream before!  Hmmmph!  

It was about that time that I noticed an odd lady in a crooked wig watching us through binoculars.  THEN I saw two dogs wearing those disguise glasses with the moustache and big nose. Double Hmmmph!  I ignored them and hoped Turbo wouldn’t notice.

Once we were driving again, I saw those suspicious characters following along behind and you can’t imagine such driving!  They were all over the road, it’s a wonder we weren’t all killed!  I think Abby was driving so Mommadog could keep those binoculars trained on Turbo and me.

“Uh Turbo,” I said, “do you see a strange lady with crooked wig and sunglasses driving erratically behind us?” 
Turbo smiled at me.  “They’ve been back there the whole way.  I think one of your sisters is driving,” he told me.
“How embarrassing!”  I tried to think of things I could throw at the other car, but other than our picnic basket, there wasn’t anything handy.

They must not realize I have 540HP in this car that they designed and named after me. I don't want your mommadog  to worry, though, so I'm letting them stay within sight...” chuckled Turbo.

I sighed, “please tell me your family is crazy too!”

“Of course they are!” said Turbo, “I guess it’s just part of being a family.  I’m lucky to have one though.  You know, I’m a rescue.”

“You ARE?” I cried.

“Yes,” said Turbo.  “And after I was rescued, my mom found me and adopted me.  I sure was glad to get a home and I sure was lucky to get such a good one!”

“Me too!”  I told him, “I’M a rescue too!”

“Really?  Wow, that’s something we have in common!  Looks like you got a good family too.”

“Oh I really did!  They embarrass me sometimes, like NOW,” I glared in the direction of the other car, “but they’re the best!”

Turbo glanced over and smiled at me and I smiled at him and it was…MAGIC.  I knew then that I wanted to spend all my time with Turbo, forever.

“This looks like a good place for our picnic,” said Turbo pulling off to the side of the road.  Opening the door for me, he asked, “would you like to take a walk first?”

“I’d love to,” I smiled, “all those beautiful leaves!  How romantic!”

It wasn’t long though before we were hungry and we started back to the car, BUT WHEN WE GOT THERE…. “Oh NO!”  I cried, “SOMEONE has taken the bottle of wine I put in my picnic basket!”  I glared around the picnic area looking for the culprits.  I KNEW who it was, of course!

“Never mind, Zuda,” Turbo told me soothingly.  He reached into a compartment I hadn’t seen before and pulled out….a 
bottle of CHAMPAGNE!!

“Oh Turbo!” I sighed, “you think of EVERYTHING!”  Turbo blushed and smiled and we spread our blanket on the grass and unpacked all the bacon delights that I brought along for us.  While we were enjoying our feast, I said, “Turbo, Mommadog asked me to invite you to dinner next week.  Can you come?  Daddyman will be there then and he really wants to meet you.”

Turbo gulped his last bite.  Then he said, “I’d love to meet your daddyman Zuda.  I never had a daddy myself though so I hope I’ll know how to act.”

“Oh you’ll love Daddyman!”  I told him, “he takes such good care of us all.  We take care of him too of course.  He’s very kind, I’m sure you two will get along great.”
“Well, of course, if he’s YOUR daddy, I’m sure I’ll like him too,” agreed Turbo and then we snuggled together on the blanket to watch the sunset.

To Be Continued…(Will Turbo like Daddyman?  Will Daddyman like TURBO??  What will Mommadog serve to eat?  How will Zuda control her overprotective Mommadog at the dinner???  Tune in next week!)

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