Friday, July 1, 2011

WOW #3: How to Handle Unexpected Events (AKA Emergencies)

What a day! Mummy and Auntie A and I were on our way to work this morning when all of a sudden there was this LOUD thud and then Silver (that's Mummy's car) started making this loud screeching noise! Mummy pulled Silver over to the side of the road and she and Auntie A got out to look and see what was wrong. I don't know what they were saying, they wouldn't let me get out too. Then Mummy got back in the car and flipped some switches and told Auntie A that it was the air conditioner making the noise. She was really upset because she said the city ought to repair crater-sized potholes before people's cars get damaged. Anyway, we headed on to work but then we could smell a burning smell. Auntie A said it smelled like the brakes to her. I don't know how she can tell. So Mummy turned and went a different way. I was very interested in all of this, but I didn't say anything. When the humans are upset or excited, it's the pet's job to stay calm and supportive and not make any extra trouble or excitement.

We stopped at this place we go to occasionally, Mummy knows all the people there because that place is one of our clients. I like visiting because Uncle Santa Claus works there! He checked Silver out and said it was okay for Mummy to drive him the rest of the way to work and the guys there could look him over better. While we were waiting, Mr. Mailman came in. I was very surprised to see him because he usually comes to see me at MY office. I wasn't as surprised to see HIM as he was to see ME though. For a minute he just stood outside the door and stared at me like he couldn't believe it!

After that, we got back in Silver and went on to work. Cousin D and my pals, the Tech Guys, worked on Silver so his air conditioner didn't make a horrible screech on the way home. I just love happy endings!

Here are my tips for handling unexpected events (aka emergencies)
1. Stay calm! An upset pet is not going to help matters.

2. Look concerned and/or puzzled. It makes the humans feel that they're understood and that you care about their problem.

3. Be friendly to all the people you meet during the adventure. It never hurts to make new friends. (Being adorable helps with this!)

Keep these things in mind and you should be fine and your human will be too.

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  1. Very good advice! Now to just follow it!!