Thursday, October 6, 2011


Dateline: Chesterfield County, VA-This Afternoon.

THIS JUST IN: One of the Terrierist Gang has been captured! I repeat: one of the Terrierist Gang has been captured!

Guess who made the collar? ME! That's who! It all started with the cookies (Most things do you know)

Auntie A made some cookies and brought them in to share with us. They were yummy but we noticed that they were disappearing way too fast. We thought this was very strange and puzzling until THIS MORNING we caught those little scoundrels with their hands in the cookie bag! (and box)

Also noses...

They skittered off so fast we barely had time to turn around, but THEN we found them ransacking Mummy's office!

Terry the Terrierist was making a few calls.

ReddLipps was trying to access Mummy's computer info and...

Flatt da Cat was looking through the files. We think they were trying to decide which one of the Porsches to steal!

Flatt and Terry got away, but I got hold of ReddLipps before he could escape because he had to climb down from the monitor. I gave him a piece of my mind while we were waiting for Sheriff Wyatt too!

I've had about all the monkey business I can stand ReddLipps!

Stealing my sister's Lambchops!!

And the MILKBONES! Don't think I've forgotten about the Milkbones!

So you'd better just forget you're a chimp and sing like a birdie when Sheriff Wyatt gets here!

Wait Mummy! I wasn't done yet!

Let me have him back! I'll make him sorry!

Mummy put him in solitary confinement to wait for Sheriff Wyatt.

When Sheriff Wyatt arrived the first thing he said was:

(he has to say that you know) but I had already taken care of THAT!

ReddLipps spilled his guts the minute Sheriff Wyatt started asking questions!

Heh HEH!!

Sheriff Wyatt says with the information provided by ReddLipps, it's only a matter of time now before the rest of the gang is apprehended!

He also says ReddLipps has agreed not to press Basset Brutality charges in exchange for the chance to serve his prison sentence on a banana farm. The Sheriff agreed because he feels this will be just the thing to rehabilitate ReddLipps. He hopes to make a law-abiding chimp of him.

Stay tuned! More details in the Terrier/Cat Hunt as they become available!

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