Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WOW #40 Bimmer Has Her Say

Hi there everyone! Bimmer here. Bentley's at work and I was bored so I thought I'd try out the blogging thing! Bentley won't mind......I don't THINK Bentley will you?

I came to live with my Mummy on August 30, her birthday. She says I am a very sweet birthday present.

I just love my brothers Bentley and Turbo! Bentley showed me how to play games and climb up on the sofa and do Facebook and everything. Turbo looks out for me and I know he wouldn't let anybody mess with me.

Here we are deciding what to order for dinner when Mummy gets home from work.

I have lots of friends on Facebook and I love them all. Even the people ones! When they come to my house though, I'm a little shy. Mummy says I'll get used to them and she tries to only have one person at a time so I don't have to get used to a whole party all together. Bentley can't understand. He says people are wonderful, they give belly rubs and hugs and cuddles and treats! He LOVES people, that's why he likes working so much. Turbo likes a few people, but not too many at once. I'm more like him I guess. So far I'd rather just stay with Mummy and my brothers although I do like other dogs. Sometimes Auntie A comes over. She's okay. She looks like Mummy and sounds like Mummy and she brings neat presents! She never tries to grab at me either so sometimes I let her pet me...once or EVEN twice!

What I really LOVE is my little Lambchops! She's my baby!

Here she is the day I got her. Isn't she cute?

Bentley thought she should have surgery, but I barked at him when he tried to give my Lambchops the once-over! Bentley's a wonderful brother, but I think maybe he has a surgery addiction, don't you? Do they have a twelve step program for that? Anybody can see my little Lambchops is perfectly healthy!

I was SOOOO scared when those bad Terrierists took her! I was afraid I'd never see her again!

But thanks to my brothers and my cousin Sheriff Wyatt, the bad guys got scared and brought her back!

I was really, REALLY glad to see her! Now Turbo guards her every night so they can't get her again.

I think she's forgotten all the scary lambnapping stuff now, don't you?

Now I have a little donkey too. Bentley insists that he's really sick and even Turbo tried to do a little surgery on him, but Mummy won't let them. She agrees with me that he's perfectly healthy and she told the boys that he was too cute to be "torn up". He IS awful cute! I love him ALMOST as much as Lambchops!

I sure hope the Terrierists don't do donkey-nappings too!

I just don't know WHAT I'd do!

Sheriff Wyatt says not to worry. He's got that gang on the run and it's only a matter of time now until they're rounded up. I feel so safe with my smart cousin looking out for us!

Now I think I'll go and take a nap. This blogging is very tiring work! I don't know how Bentley keeps up with it!

Thanks Bruddah for letting me try it out! (Even if you WEREN'T here at the time to give the go ahead! Hee hee!)


  1. Bimmer, I am sure Bentley will not mind. You can substitute any lovely!!!

  2. Isn't my sister SMART? And funny? And BEAUTIFUL?!