Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WOW #42: Workin' Dog Part 5 Meetings

Greetings everyone! My Uncle CB came by yesterday and said I needed to get back to my blog! I didn't mean to neglect it, really! It just seems like nothing very exciting has happened since ReddLipps was shipped off to the banana-growing prison farm and the rest of the gang went underground. Sheriff Wyatt says it's just a matter of time now until they're all rounded up. I hope so! It wouldn't be good to have them prowling around during the holidays. Especially not at Christmas!

Anyway, it's just been business as usual recently, nothing new to report, but I thought I'd share about one of my very favorite things at work: meetings! I just LOVE meetings! They're just the BEST! The funny thing though is when I start making a speech or sharing my concerns, they all shush me! What is THAT about? Honestly! HUMPH!

Sometimes we have morning meetings and somebody brings food to go with the coffee. Those are the very best kind. One day recently, Auntie A brought in bagels. Yum yum! And she brought a special one just for me! Yum YUM!!

I LOVE getting my own bagel and not having to share!

Hmmm, they don't look this hard when Mummy and the Aunties eat them!

Maybe I should put some of that cream cheese on it, like they do...

Wow! This is sooooo good!

Uh oh! Crumbs! Let me just vacuum those up...

See? No vacuum required....

My OTHER favorite kind of meeting is a birthday meeting. I especially like it if we get to go over to the showroom for the meeting. Not long ago we had a really GOOD birthday meeting! We had Champagne with our cupcakes!

I commandeered a bottle early on...

(As you can see everything in our showroom is very bright and shiny! Makes it a little hard to get a good picture sometimes.)

Ummm, could somebody open this please?

Champagne and carrot cupcakes, YUMMMMMMMEEE!!

OHHHHHHHHH! I think maybe I overdid it just a little...I'll have to save that second bottle for another time I think.....

It was worth it though.....sigh! Mummy says Bimmer will be having a birthday soon. Hey! Maybe we can take her to....

to celebrate! I think Five Guys is the PERFECT place to celebrate, don't you? Auntie M and Auntie A took Mummy and me there last week to celebrate me being Basset of the Week. THAT was a VERY exciting thing, but I covered it pretty thoroughly on Facebook. I forgot people like Uncle CB aren't on Facebook!

Mummy said that to celebrate she would donate $5 to Michigan Basset Rescue for every copy of their cookbook that was sold last week (during my reign as Basset of the Week) in honor of Bailey Schmid Gallardo "de Queen"....a very dear friend of mine. There were EIGHTY-ONE orders last week, which meant another $405 to MBR!! You can still order a cookbook if you haven't yet, it has lovely Bailey "de Queen's" picture on the front and lots of great recipes inside! (I contributed one of my Grandma Ellen's cookie recipes) It would make a wonderful Christmas gift for all your friends! And just think of all those needy Bassets you'll be helping! Here's the link: http://www.cookbookforrescue.com/
Thanks so much for helping!

Now I'd better get back to work. Don't want to miss any meetings! Who knows? Maybe there'll be another birthday party!!


  1. Bentley, I was wondering why you had not blogged lately. Congratulations on the money you raised for MBR!!!

  2. Thanks Roscoe! Boy, once you miss a day or two...or a week or two of blogging, it's really hard to get back to it. I'm trying to do better though!

  3. Me lubs MBR! x