Tuesday, November 1, 2011

WOW #43: Season's Eatings!

Hi there everybody! Mummy told me today that this is the first day of November. I'm very excited because November means Thanksgiving...and THANKSGIVING means lots of yummies!

Of course, I don't really think me and Turbo get our fair share of the good stuff! This year we've got Bimmer to help us out too so maybe we can manage to score a few more goodies. We can trip people up if we have to...

Mummy says Auntie M and Uncle K will be coming to our house for Thanksgiving dinner...how fun is that? AND they might bring Auntie B and Uncle S (AKA Uncle E)! Auntie A will be there too, but she's almost as strict as Mummy (I think she'd give us more treats but Mummy has convinced her that it's bad discipline, did you EVER hear anything so silly?) Auntie M on the other hand is a little easier to convince and she's always talking about how Uncle K is forever giving my friend Lizzie and the other kitties more food. Sounds like he might be an easy mark. AND if Auntie B comes...well Auntie M has said several times that Auntie B tells her she'd never be able to resist me...so I think with all THREE of us working her, she'll be a complete pushover!

Who could POSSIBLY resist THIS?

or THIS?

or THIS?!

Yes, I think we've got them locked up...IF they come.

ACTUALLY, I've come up with an even more sure fire plan. Are you ready for this? It's a real doozy!


I'M going to volunteer to cook the whole meal MYSELF....in my EZ Bake oven! Oh wow! This is SUCH a good plan I'm STILL amazed by it! Just think, I'll need to do a LOT of tasting to make sure everything's just right! And Turbo and Bimmer can be my helpers so they can do some tasting too! (Maybe not quite as much as me though...) That way we'll be assured of a LOT of goodies and we won't have to ask ANYbody!! Wow I think this plan might be foolproof! Oh I can't wait to tell Bimmer and Turbo!! They'll be so excited.

Now lets see...I'll need a bunch of recipes...yeah and some food to cook...oh and probably someone with an engineering degree to figure out how to wedge a turkey into the EZ Bake. Other than that it should be a piece of cake! (Hee hee! Piece of cake!)

I better do some thinking...

And a LOT of planning! All suggestions are welcome! Let me know if there's anything special you think I should cook. Won't the family be surprised when they find out Turbo and Bimmer and me cooked Thanksgiving dinner!


  1. Sounds like wu gots a gweat plan...if wu need assistance count on Linus and me...we are excellent at gettin our ways...maybe me should mail mommy (yours) a copy of basset regulations and rules..de most important one after "Love your Furkids wif all youse heart" is..." Look into youse furkid eyes...look at dat face...Awwwwww!!!. You CANNOT say "NO" ...you must give dem wat dey want....."....wat time is dinnew bein serve...me needs to clear schedule to come ovews n helps....

  2. Oh wow Bailey! That would be GREAT! The more the merrier!

  3. You should wrap the turkey in bacon!!! Lub, Bernie

  4. Bacon flavored turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy is a must. Maybe you could smear your rolls in peanut butter. I bet you all three will b a huge help in the kitchen this year.

  5. OOOOOHHH YUMMM! DEELISH! Thanks Bernie and Roscoe! *Adds bacon and peanut butter to shopping list.*

  6. I see you habs been workin' on da "I is staaaarvin'" look! Well done chap! xx