Saturday, July 14, 2012

WOW #67: Detective Bimmer Sets the Record Straight!

Hi there everybody! It's me, Bimmer. Part time detective and full time princess at your service.

I've been thinking there was something a little fishy about this whole lawsuit thingy and so I've done a little checking.

First of all, I disguised myself as a nurse and went to check on MooseDog in the ICU.

He's improving a lot, but he says he hasn't talked to ANY lawyers and isn't planning to sue Dr. Mummy. (He does like the sound of all those treats though.)

When I got back from the ICU, I noticed Bentley hanging around Mummy's computer looking sort of furtive... after he was out of sight, I sneaked over and took a look...

...and GASP! I found the template for that lawyer's business card!

Hmmm...I decided to do some more checking and I found this very telling photograph of "the incident"...

(One thing Bentley failed to mention in HIS blog the other day is that when MooseDog got injured in that Tug O War accident, he was actually being used as THE ROPE!) I thought more investigation was needed so next I checked the Olympic website and what do you know? Tug O War is NOT an Olympic event at all!

In case you were wondering if this was a one time thing, here's another photo for you...

What IS that you say? Well at one time it was the leg of a very cute kitty cat. I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Now, you're probably wondering about the hydrotherapy/cotton candy thing. Well let me show you a couple of interesting items.

This is Exhibit A:

...or as we like to call him: Fuzzy.

Fuzzy showed up after Bentley's bath the other night.

Now THIS is Exhibit B:

...AKA Whitey.

Whitey made his appearance not long after TURBO's bath last night.

These are my conclusions:

1. MooseDog doesn't know anything about any lawsuit against Dr. Mummy.

2. BENTLEY used Mummy's computer to make that lawyer card.

3. If anybody is culpable for MooseDog's pain and mental anguish and so forth, it would be a couple of culprits who shall remain nameless (but they're my brothers!)

4. Little furry creatures just automatically appear after dogs take baths and since MooseDog is part dog, that "cotton candy" in the washing machine was actually HIS bath leftovers and not some terrible, awful injury at all.

Whew! Now that we've got that taken care of, let me get ready for a royal outing with my queen!

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  1. Oh Bentley, you are going to get it today...