Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WOW #71: Campaign Duties

Hi Everybody!

It has been such a busy week! I've had so many meetings for all sorts of things!

One thing that my committee felt was very important was the selection of my campaign button.

They brought me several designs.

It was sooooo hard choosing just one!

I had to deliberate for a really long time.

I tried moving them around in different positions to see them all in the best light.

Then I tried them on to see which one looked the best...

FINALLY I was able to make my selection!

This is the final choice:

Some people are saying they'd like to have one, so we've ordered some and since we like to support Basset Rescue organizations, Bimmer and I are both going to walk in the BROOD Ramble in September. BROOD stands for Basset Rescue of Old Dominion. Bimmer is walking in memory of her good friend Bimmer Gibbons and I'll be walking in memory of the sweet and beautiful Cindy Lou Best.

We've set up a page where you can donate to BROOD in memory of these two special friends and anyone who does can get a "Bentley for President" button!

Here's the link:


We're so excited about the ramble! Even Turbo thinks he might take a day off from watching the races and head up to Frederick, MD with us for this event. We're planning to see a lot of our friends there and we'll be doing some major campaigning too! Hope to see you there!

Now I really have to go! This campaigning is really, REALLY exhausting work!

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