Saturday, February 25, 2012

WOW #61: WHAT Did You Say?

Has anyone else ever noticed all the funny and strange things humans say? I sometimes wonder if they even know what they're talking about!

Just as an example, the other day, I heard someone say: "Follow your nose". Now REALLY! What other choice do I have? My nose is right out in front!

If I didn't follow it, I'd have to walk backwards. Have you ever seen a Basset walking backwards? I thought not!

Here are some other peculiar things that people say:

1. "Albatross around my neck"

Will a vulture do?

2. "Laughing on the other side of your face"

Like this? Honestly! How many sides of your face can you actually laugh from?

3. "A monkey on my back"

Humans always say this as if it's a BAD thing! What's wrong with a nice little monkey on your back?

4. "It's a bear!"

Yes it is! SO?????

And oh look!

It's ANOTHER bear!

5. "Biting off more than you can chew"

I can ALWAYS chew what I bite off!

6. "Hair of the Dog"


What exactly do you plan to do with it? And this makes sense HOW? How much hair can a dog spare anyway?

7. "Barking up the wrong tree"

How do YOU know it's the wrong tree? It could be the perfect tree!

8. "It's hard to make ends meet."

Well that depends:

It sure isn't easy to do it THIS way!

On the other hand....

Sometimes when Bimmer and I go for a walk, our rumps bump. THAT way is not hard at all! In fact, we don't even have to think about it or even TRY to make it happen.

And THIS one REALLY bothers me!

9. "Lend me your ears!"

What on earth for? You've got your OWN ears!!

I'm very proud of my ears and I don't think I want to loan them out, thank you very much! it's your turn. What funny, strange or downright weird things have YOU heard the humans say? Turbo and Bimmer and I can't wait to hear from you!

We won't lend you our ears, but we WILL listen!


  1. Funny, my husband and I were just discussing this subject the other day. We actually googled what does "Sam he#@" mean. I guess it actually started out people saying "Sam Hill" so they wouldn't swear around ladies!

  2. That's a very good one! Even after I googled it, I didn't know what it meant!