Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WOW #46: The Pre-Thanksgiving Party

Busy, busy, busy!! We're all running around here so fast we keep bumping into each other at corners! Lots of you have accepted our EasyBake Thanksgiving invitation on Facebook! It's going to be real fun!

I'm firing up the EZ Bake oven, getting ready for the test run on Friday! We're going to have a blast, I just know it! Many thanks to Mr. G Killabee E for all of his help with the shopping list! (AND for volunteering to roast the pig in the EZ Bake firepit!) NOW if we can just keep Mummy out of the kitchen! She keeps trying to "help" (sigh). Auntie A says that Grandma Ellen was just like that too and Mummy can't help it. She says she'd probably be the same if she were at our house! (Thank goodness she isn't! I think we'd have to put a lock on the kitchen doors or something if we had TWO of them!) I keep telling Mummy to just relax, that we'll take care of everything. I don't think she knows how to do that so I've asked my good friend Beauregard Burnside III to bring his Bluehair to sit at the bar and drink with her. Turbo says she'll get really happy if we do that!

We've just about got the yard ready now...

...note the bar to the far right side of the tent.

Bimmer has been having problems with the turkey. You remember how he looked a week ago...

...well he's lost a little weight since then... see he can run REALLY fast!

Bimmer had to chase him a LOT! And she can't seem to get his feathers shaken off either.

On the up side, I think he'll fit in the EZ Bake a lot better now!

Oh and I've always been told that you can dry the turkey out if you leave the stuffing inside so...

This is gonna be the greatest party EVER!!!

Boy am I tired though! I think I'll just take a little snooze on my new bed that a kind lady who lives near Auntie A sent me.

Wasn't that nice of her? I'll rest a little NOW and THEN when Mummy goes to bed, I can get some more stuff done! Hope to see everybody Friday!


  1. Bentley, I think you may have to buy another turkey to feed all of your furiends?!

  2. I think that turkey looks in dire need of "surgery"

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