Thursday, November 3, 2011

WOW #44: Plans and Problems

Busy, busy, BUSY! I've been working on my shopping list.

It's not so easy to manage a pencil as you might think.

Mmmmmmphhh! Grrrrrr!

Okay (huff, huff, pant, pant) must work WITH the pencil! The pencil and I become ONE!!

Okay, turkey....let's see. What else? Wow this is MUCH harder without Mummy and Auntie A to help with spelling.

Well...let me just close my eyes and think about it a little....zzzzzzzzz.....

Oops! Sorry, list making is VERY tiring! Thanks to my good friends Roscoe and Bernie, I now have bacon, peanut butter, potatoes and bread-making stuff on my list. They're such good, helpful friends! Bailey De Queen is helping too. In fact, she's coming down with Linus on Thanksgiving to help! That will be So-oooo-ooooo fun! Bimmer's very excited. So is Turbo, we just can't wait!!

I also heard from a very thoughtful lady who was concerned about my easy bake oven. Let me share what she said with you and hopefully put all these worries to rest:

"you know it doesn't cook turkeys it only does cookies and things like that..if you want to cook should use a toaster oven!"

Thanks for your concern, but you see, THAT's exactly why we're looking for an engineer. An engineer will be able to help solve this problem and also tell me how to fit a turkey in there. You see, I don't have a toaster oven, but I DO have an EZ Bake!

"the Easy Bake oven takes a LONG time to cook stuff..I mean..your basically cooking on alight bulb!"

Yup, Mummy told me I should get started VERY soon because of the time problem.

"You know, it's pink"

I've noticed, but I don't let it worry me. I'm very secure. Besides, pink is Bimmer's very favorite color.

"there are many recipes online for the oven."

THERE ARE?!! COOL! (Excuse me everyone, I have to look this up! Oh wow! COOKIES!! Oh WOW! OH WOW!!!! LOOK at all those pizza recipes! Hey Turbo! Bimmer! Look at this! We won't have to have our pizzas shoved in through the mail slot anymore, we can make our own and not have to eat the crushed pieces!!!) Umm, sorry about that....but THAT WAS A REALLY COOL site!! I shouldn't have any trouble at all with Thanksgiving dinner now that I have all those recipes! Thank you SO MUCH to the nice lady who took all that time to help me out!

Now we just need to find that engineer and we'll be ready to start cookin'! (pun intended) I wonder if I should have TWO EZ bake ovens so I can do more at one time....Auntie A knows some people with kids.....Mummy!....can I call Auntie A?????

See you later everybody. Have a wonderful end of the week!


  1. Bentley - why do I have the feeling that you'll be using the peanut butter as a baste?

  2. Well...Roscoe said the peanut butter was for the rolls, but....that's not a bad idea....turkey wrapped in bacon and basted with peanut butter....hmmmm....

  3. now there is an idea Bentley. PS. maybe you should have your PA type your shopping list out for you. Then you won't have to worry about using a pencil :-)

  4. Why doesn't this surprise me?