Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WOW #45 Points to Ponder...

Greetings everyone. I have a few invaluable pieces of advice to pass along to you based on my experiences in the last week.

Point number 1: If you mess up your blanket/desk after Mummy arranges it for you, it can be VERY uncomfortable...all lumpy and disorganized:

Bear in mind that Mummy might not have time to keep fixing it for you if she's really busy working.

Point #2: If your brother the Bull Terrier tells you he knows the best place to get really FRESH turkeys, you might want to ask a few more questions or you could end up with THIS:

Yup, that's right. In our dog yard fattening up for the big day! Turbo really DOES know where to find FRESH turkeys!! We're having a hard time remembering not to chase him around, but Mummy says that if we want to have a yummy turkey for Thanksgiving, we have to let him get fat! (Bimmer really, really wants to chase him around, heehee!)

Ummm, does anybody know how to get THAT turkey to look like THIS?

I know what to do with it from this point, but...well....any ideas on how to handle this situation would be welcomed!

Point number 3: And MOST important. When your Auntie A comes over to take care of you while Mummy is away, DO NOT run away from her, especially if you live in the city like I do! You shouldn't even do it to get an extra Snausage if you can believe that. Mummy and Auntie A say that's VERY BAD and you can get HURT and lots of other terrible things!

If you DO run away, you may have to watch THOUSANDS of episodes of "Dog Whisperer" and "It's Me Or the Dog" and announce on Facebook how sorry you are and all sorts of other unpleasant consequences! (The only fun thing I got to do was make a cake for Auntie A in my EZ bake oven! It was VERY good, everyone LOVED it!)

Point number 4: If you DO get into trouble like that, then be sure to look as sorry (and adorable) as possible and they'll melt and forgive you.

Be sure to keep these things in mind if you want to have a happier, easier and less complicated life.


  1. Good luck with the fresh turkey option. Turkey are not friendly like a basset. Watch this video buddy :-)

  2. That is very scary Roscoe! Turbo says not to worry though. That was a wild turkey and ours is a farm raised one. I dunno though, I think I'll let Bimmer and Turbo look after it...