Monday, November 21, 2011

WOW #47: Thanksgiving Dinner Part 2

Ohhhhhhh! I'm still so tired (and so FULL) we've been eating leftovers all weekend! Ohhhhhhhhhh! Today though I finally did a little cleaning. We covered over the fire pit in the backyard. Mummy said we don't need to serve a pig to her and Aunties A and M and Uncle K. Just a turkey will be fine and I can cook THAT in my EZ Bake oven.

I've just got to get my oven cleaned out good and then I'll be ready to consult my recipes...

Thank goodness Turbo is here to help! I do hope this is a SELF CLEANING EZ Bake though! Let me just set it to clean and then....

....maybe I'll....just....catch forty winks.....wake me when it's time to cook!



  1. i bet you and Turbo a great cleaner uppers

  2. You were such a good host Bentley! Sorry I could not participate more :-(

  3. We are very good cleaners AlicetotheMoon! So's my sister, Bimmer.

    Roscoe, you were SUCH a big help with the planning and getting ready! I wish you could have gotten in on the fun part more too! Happy Thanksgiving!