Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WOW #48: Preparing for Thanksgiving Part Deux

Whew!! I am busy, busy, BUSY!! So much to do! It was a LOT easier with all the help, believe me! Maybe you can have too many COOKS in the kitchen, but you can NEVER have too many Bassets and friends in the kitchen! That's what I think!

Anyway I've been baking up a storm in my EZ Bake oven. I made this lemon chess pie:

I don't know why it got a hole in the middle! I was SOOOO disappointed!

Bimmer and Turbo said they DID NOT poke their noses into it and I believe them. They've been working hard to make everything perfect too. Plus they're both very honorable doggies!

I you suppose?.......COULD it have been...............THE TERRIERIST??!!! (He's still at large you know)

Auntie A says not to worry, it will still taste just as good and that's what matters the most.

Anyway, my chocolate pecan tart turned out much prettier!

(You'll all have to just imagine the crunchy pecan topping spread over the tart because the directions in the recipe said not to put it on there until it is time to serve it.)

And then there was the bread. I really, REALLY like to knead bread dough! It's lots of fun and if you're feeling stressed it's a very good way to work off the tension. I used my Grandma Ellen's recipe...

(I hope those are the right kind of flowers! I'd want Grandma Ellen to be proud of me if she were here!)

Now that all that baking is done...a treat sure would be nice!

Can anyone spare a cookie??

Okay so tomorrow I'm going to make...what's that? Tomorrow is THANKSGIVING?????

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! How can this be? Gotta get busy! Turkey! Gotta prep the turkey! And peel the potatoes! Bimmer! Stand by for gravy making! And would you ask Lambchops to help with the veggies? She does an awesome job of veggies (but imagine how much BETTER she'd be if she'd just have that surgery I recommended!!) I can't BELIEVE it's TOMORROW! Turbo! Help!! Crank up the EZ Bake again would you? It needs to be hot for cooking the turkey. Oh dear, oh DEAR! What should I do first??

Ooops! Sorry everybody, I have to rush around now! I hope you all have your best Thanksgiving EVER!!


  1. Breathe Bentley! Everyone believes in you! Your are a great chef. Maybe you can talk momma into sending you to culinary arts school?

  2. Thanks Roscoe! You come up with the GREATEST ideas! I'll ask Mummy as soon as I'm done cooking. Have a wonderful and thankful Thanksgiving!