Thursday, December 15, 2011

WOW #51: Our First Work Session

Operation Mummy's Christmas Present has commenced! Auntie A said we could work at her house so we went over there tonight and started setting up.

Auntie A has a Nativity Scene set up in her entry. She says there's plenty of room for them at HER house even if there wasn't room in the inn!

She also has a big Christmas tree! We don't have one that big at our house. Mummy says there's not room for a Bull Terrier, two Bassets AND a big Christmas tree in our little house!

Auntie A's house is small too, but as you can see, the tree was still standing at the end of the evening! (Maybe Mummy will let us have one now too???)

Oh and here's an interesting note: Cousin Buster is a daredevil! I never knew! When he can't find anything else thrilling to do, he goes for a spin in the dryer!

While we were working, we had live entertainment...

...Iris and Isabel took turns singing to us. Iris is singing in this picture. You can tell because her face is lighted up.

Know who that is in the photograph between them?

That's Grandma Ellen! (You know the one with all the yummy recipes for Santa Cookies and pies and things) Auntie A said the little girl with her is: Auntie A! I don't see how it can be though! Auntie A is NOT a little girl! She's a grown up lady!

Oh well, anyway here's our top secret workspace.

I can't show you what we're working on because Mummy might see it. We're nearly ready to get started now. I think we need a few tools though. Anybody have a saw? How about a hammer?


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