Friday, December 23, 2011

WOW #54: Operation Mummy's Christmas Present Concludes

Last night we sent Mummy off to have dinner with a friend while we went to Auntie A's house and finished up our project. It was a little hairy (hehheh) there for a while. We had tools all over the place!

Ooops! SOMEBODY left part of the project out! (oh yeah...that was me, right)

FINALLY we got it all done. We were all EXHAUSTED!! Auntie A was nice enough to wrap them for us and put them in pretty bags while we rested up and sampled some treats she was making...she called them sausage balls. All I know is they were YUMMY!!

Mine's the one on the right with the cute little penguin on it. Bimmer's is the girlie one in the middle. Turbo did the "grown-up" bag with the fancy gold paper on the left.


Want to know what's in the bags?.....

It's a secret, I can't TELL you.......

But I'll give you some hints. If you guess, please don't tell Mummy. We want her to be surprised!

Did you guess? Okay, okay, here's another hint...

Now?....You need another more...

Got it yet? No? Oh well, you'll need to wait until Christmas Day when Mummy opens her gifts...just like Mummy. I can hardly wait! Bimmer and Turbo are excited too! How are we EVER going to be able to wait another WHOLE DAY? AND TWO MORE NIGHTS?! oh Oh OH!! and Santa comes tomorrow night too! So exciting! Merry Christmas everybody!! May you be blessed with toys and cookies and love and fun times with family!


  1. This is getting verrrry exciting, Bentley!!

  2. Iz so 'cited to see what you pals made!!! Lub, Bernie

  3. Oh just wait 'til you see. I'll be posting in a few minutes now.