Thursday, December 22, 2011

WOW #53: Presents! Presents! Presents!!

Today was present day at work! I know, I know! It's better to give than to receive. THAT's why we've been working so hard on Operation Mummy's Christmas Present. It's REALLY FUN to GET presents too though!

Here's my haul:

Well...actually some of that was for Auntie A. A lot was mine though. Mummy and Auntie M got presents too, but theirs aren't in the picture.

Here's my new overnight bag from Auntie M...also a stocking with my REAL name on it!

And IN the bag...

I wasn't too sure about this sweater at first...

...but Mummy and the girls (Aunties A and M) said I was very handsome...

...AND they said I could have treats from my stocking because I was so good-looking and well-behaved!

Auntie A gave me one present today. She said she's saving the rest for Christmas. She always spends Christmas Day with us. This was my office present though.

Auntie A is SO good at finding patients who need my services STAT!

We weren't even sure what it is! Auntie A said she thinks it's a sea monster!

NOW it's much happier! See? See Bimmer? Look how happy he is!

I on the other hand was exhausted! Emergency surgeries are so STRESSFUL!

Auntie M gave me some patients too, but she says I have to share with Turbo and Bimmer.

Fortunately, these aren't as desperately ill as that sea monster...

What a fun day! Wouldn't it be nice if every day was present day? Mummy says I'd get tired of it, but I bet it would take a REALLY long time!!

Turbo and Bimmer are calling. We have to hurry off to Auntie A's to finish Operation Mummy's Christmas present now. I'll try to post about our progress tomorrow. Oh I HOPE we finish in time!!


  1. Looks like you and Bimmer had a great day! And I agree, you look very handsome in your new sweater, Bentley :)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Thank you Molly! I hope you and baby brother Winston have a beautiful Christmas!