Monday, December 19, 2011

WOW #52: Frantic Weekend!

On Saturday morning I was in the kitchen baking a test batch of cookies for the big EZ Bake cookie party tomorrow and Turbo came in and said that Christmas was only a week away! A WEEK!! OH NO!! We've barely made a start on Operation Mummy's Christmas Present!

Needless to say...we left the cookies cooling on the counter and hotfooted it over to Auntie A's house posthaste! She was baking cookies too...or at least she was decorating the cookies she'd already baked. Hmmm, pistachio lime...that's exactly what I was baking too! Auntie A baked hers to give to friends for Christmas. There were some left over for hungry hounds (and bull terriers) to sample though.

After taste testing the cookies for Auntie A, we got down to business. Auntie M sent us some tools and we put them to good use.

We worked...and worked...

...and WORKED!!! All weekend long.

Turbo is finished with his gift. Bimmer and I still have a lot of work to do. Turbo says this is because he's older and has more finely honed skills. Bimmer and I think it might be because his project was less complex than ours. (You'll see what I mean, at the great unveiling on Christmas Day when Mummy opens them.) Anyway, he said he'd help us get finished up. (He's the BEST big brother in the WORLD!!)

I hope we can pull this off! Only six more days until Christmas! (if you count today that is) Wow the time's going FAST!!

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  1. I can't wait to see what you guys are making. Looks like it's something good!