Tuesday, December 6, 2011

WOW #49: Letter to Santa

December 6, 2011

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good puppy this year. I have helped Mummy and the aunties with work...

I have been pleasant and friendly to all the people who came to visit me...

I've kept an eye on the cars for Uncle Boss Man whenever he was away...

I played nicely with Turbo...

I always cleaned my plate-bowl, I mean bowl...

I've worked hard to save the lives of a lot of desperately ill office assistants...

I welcomed my new sister with love, even let her use my bed...

I helped to catch one of the Terrierist Gang and send him away...

AND I even cooked Thanksgiving Dinner for Mummy and all my friends in my EZ Bake oven!

And now Dear Santa, I REALLY need your help! (So do Bimmer and Turbo.) Please tell us something good to give Mummy for Christmas! She takes good care of all of us and we want to give her something special!

Thank you Santa. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas trip this year! (Oh and if you really want to...we'll be glad to receive any cookies, toys and other gifts you'd like to leave...wink, wink.)


  1. Pat McGaw and SummerDecember 6, 2011 at 7:39 AM

    aw that was a lovely letter to Santa, I think you will get lots of nice treats and toys for Xmas, you are too cute xxx

  2. Oh Bentley, Iz sure Santa will bring you all something very very nice!!

  3. yoo iz vewy good at this hole Santa, Chwissmiss thing, speshally the pawt that sez it's bedda to give than to weeseeve. I howeva, like da weeseeving pawt bedda, but dats impowtant too, cuz how can the good givas give withowt the weeseevas, so i am doowin that pawt.

  4. Very nice letter to Santa, Bentley! In my opinion you deserve all the treats and toys you desire this year! You have been an EXCELLENT hound boy :-)

  5. Oh Bentley - weez pawsitive dat Santa gonna beez so pwoud ob yoo. Wut a bootiful letter yoo wrote to him. Yooz famiwy gonna get lotsa good stuffs dis yeer fwum him.

  6. Bentley..a little bird told me that your mummy would like a day of ease where nobody steals her place on the sofa!

  7. Dear Friends,
    Aw Shucks *blushes*. You guys are the BEST and I'm sure Santa will bring all of you lots of presents too. You deserve them even more than me because you're all such good friends!

    Dear Anonymous,
    Thanks for the tip, but Mummy LIKES for us to all hang around her and on top of her and all. It makes her feel loved and needed. ;o)=)

  8. Well Bentley, you've made a good case for yourself. There's no way Santa can pass by such a handsome, well-behaved boy!