Tuesday, December 13, 2011


He answered my letter! Santa ANSWERED!! And he told us the neatest thing to give Mummy too! It's going to take some work though...and we need a place where Mummy won't see what we're working on. It would ruin the surprise if she saw it before Christmas! Turbo says not to worry, we'll get it figured out.

In the meantime, I've been baking some cookies. I made my special Santa cookies. They're easy!

1. You start by finding the recipe in Cookbook for Rescue

2. Then you do your "mise en place"

3. And mix up your dough...

4. Now roll them into sort of an egg shape (make sure you pack the dough firmly together so they'll hold the shape...

5. Once you've baked them, put them in the powdered sugar bowl (this is the fun part)

6. After they're cooled, you might want to roll them again to get good coverage...

*Putting them on the cupcake papers makes it easier for someone to eat one without getting messy!*

7. Then put them in a pretty box and save them for Santa! (They ARE Santa cookies after all!) Well okay, save SOME of them for Santa. You can eat some too!

And there you are!! No trouble at all! Piece of cake...ummm cookie...piece of cookie! That's all for now. I'll keep you posted on Operation Mummy's Christmas Present!

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  1. Looks fantastic! Wish I was Santa...