Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WOW #80: Thanksgiving with the Buppies

Bentley:  Bimmer!  BIMMER!!! HELP!

Bimmer:  What's wrong Bentley?

Bentley:  There's a thousand buppies in here!  Where did they all come from?

Bimmer:  A thousand?  Come on Bentley, you're exaggerating a little.  That's just the buppy choir.  There are only twelve of them.  Of course there are a few other buppies around here...I don't see them right now.

Bentley:  But they're all in the way while I'm trying to cook!  Every time I turn around I almost step on a buppy.  Could you get Turbo to read them a story or something?

Bimmer:  Turbo is taking a nap.  Surely it's not so bad.  They're just trying to help.

Terence:  Sir Bentley?  Miss Bimmoo?

Bimmer:  Yes Terence?

Terence:  Iz can help stuff the turkey.  Here's my frozen sardinesicles!


Bimmer:  Aww!  How sweet Terence!  See Bentley?  They're trying to help!

Bentley:  Thanks little guy!  We don't want to take all your sardinesicles though!  You keep those Terence so you'll have them to take to your forever home.

Terence:  Okay!  Does Iz gotz a furever home?

Bimmer:  You will soon Terence.  I'm sure of it!

Terence:  Yay!!

Ellis Margaret:  Sir Bentley, you want some pancakes for Thanksgibing dinner?

Bentley:  How sweet of you Ellis!  We have lots of cornbread and French bread for the dressing though, we want you to be able to keep your pancakes.

Ellis Margaret:  So I can take dem with me to my furever home?

Bentley:  That's right.  I just know you'll get one soon!

Ellis Margaret:  'K

Bimmer: See how sweet and helpful they are Bentley?

Bentley:  Uh, yeah...ummm, Bimmer?

Bimmer:  Yes?

Bentley:  Did you tell Mary Jane and Sheila Marie to help with the gravy?

Bimmer:  WHAT?  Girls!  What are you doing?

Sheila Marie:  Wez helping wif da gravy Miss Bimmoo!  I can put in my cocoa!

Mary Jane:  And I'll put in my milkshakes!  Dat will make it goooooooood!

Bimmer:  Oh dear!

Bentley:  (snickers)  They're SO helpful!

Bimmer:  Well, they're TRYING to be.

Bentley:  I heard Charity Lynn and Walter were going to put up Thanksgiving decorations.

Bimmer:  Uh oh!

Bentley:  Josiah!  Stop snitching food when our backs are turned!

Josiah:  But I'm so HUNGRY Sir Bentley and I'm nearly out of cookies!

Bimmer:  Oh Josiah!  I hope your forever home has a good baker!
Josiah:  Me too!  Will I get one?
Bimmer:  I'm sure you will.
Josiah:  Really?
Bimmer: Who could resist you Josiah?
Bentley:  Here's ANOTHER difficulty.  Rascal, your NEW buppy keeps stealing all the cranberries!
Bimmer:  Oh Bentley!  He's making the cranberry string for the Christmas tree!
Bentley:  But how am I supposed to make the cranberry sauce??? Tell me that!    
Bimmer:  Auntie Maralynn is bringing the cranberry sauce.  See?  Problem solved.  Now stop worrying so much!
Bentley:  Where are Bethany Nicole and Thomas?

Bimmer:  They're probably taking a nap with Turbo.

Turbo: (comes in yawning)  Smells good in here.  Who's taking a nap with Turbo?  And another question: did I just see a hot air balloon float down the hall?

Bimmer:  HOT AIR BALLOON!  BUPPIES!  I TOLD you the balloon's not ready to fly yet! Thomas!  Bethany!  (runs out)


Bimmer:  (runs back in)  Turbo!  Bentley!  I need your help before Mummy sees the lamp!  (grabs aspirin bottle and runs out again.  Turbo follows.)

Bentley:  And there you have it folks!  Thanksgiving at the Hardiman house.  PLEASE adopt a buppy!  They mean well and they're all well-behaved by themselves, it's just there are SO MANY OF THEM HERE!

Bimmer:  (from other room)  BENTLEY!

Bentley:  Coming!  (runs out)


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