Saturday, November 23, 2013

WOW #78: The "Twelve Buppies of Christmas" Part 5

Bimmer:  Welcome back everyone!  I hope you didn't miss us too too much last night!  I wanted the buppies to have a chance toplay outside and enjoy the nice warm weather while it lasted.  It's getting colder here in Virginia right now, even as we prepare for our rehearsal.  Brrr!

No, it isn't quite THAT cold here.  Not yet, but you get the idea.  Anyway, we're all ready to to rehearse and we'll start with day 9.  Josiah?

Josiah:  I sing now Miss Bimmoo?

Bimmer:  Yes Josiah, sing now.

Josiah:  'K.  (hops up on podium)  On the ninth day of Christmas my buppy gave to me:  Nine fancy cookies!

Sheila Marie:  (whispers to Josiah as they exchange places) I bet those would be good with my cocoa.

Josiah: (whispers back) Yeah!

Bimmer:  Buppies!

Sheila Marie:  Sowwy Miss Bimmoo.  Eight cups of cocoa!

Harvey:  Seven bully sticks!  Miss Bimmoo can I chew on one of these while I'm waiting?  No one will notice.

Bimmer:  You need to wait Harvey.

Harvey:  (sighs)

Thomas:  Six festive cheeselogs!

Everyone:  (except:  you guessed it - Lila)  FIVE BACON STRIPS

Walter:  Four duck feeties!

Charity Lynn:  Three french firs.

Walter:  FIRS!  You mean FRIES!

Charity Lynn:  Oh yeah!  (giggles)  Three french fries!

Mary Jane:  Two frosty milkshakes!

Ronald:  And a bacon burger with some cheeeeeeeeeeese!

Bimmer:  Ummm.  Yes, okay Buppies.  That was a pretty good job, but everyone try to really concentrate for Day 10, okay?  Bethany Nicole?  Your turn.

Bethany Nicole:  Yay!  Finally!  (races up to podium and jumps up)  On the tenth day of Christmas my buppy gave to me:  10 nummy jumbones!

Josiah:  Eight fancy cookies!

Bimmer:  Josiah, it should be NINE fancy cookies.

Josiah:  Oh, uh yeah! NINE fancy cookies!

Bimmer:  But Josiah, there are only EIGHT cookies on your plate.

Josiah:  (innocently) There ARE?

Bimmer:  Yes, there are.  What happened to the other cookie?

Josiah:  (looks around)  Ummm, maybe I dropped it?

Bimmer:  Okay, after the rehearsal, you look for it.

Josiah:  'K!

Bimmer:  All right buppies.  Continue!

Sheila Marie:  Eight cups of cocoa.

Harvey:  Seven bullysticks!

Thomas:  Six  festive cheese logs!

Ronald:  (before anyone else can sing)  FIIIVVVEE BAAAACOOONNN STRIIIIIIPPPPS!

Bimmer:  (giggles)  Oh Ronald!  Go on everyone.

Walter:  Four duck feeties!

Charity Lynn:  Three french fries!

Mary Jane:  Two frosty milkshakes!  Can I take a sip Miss Bimmoo?

Bimmer:  Not quite yet Mary Jane.  You're doing a VERY good job.

Mary Jane:  Tank you Miss Bimmoo!

Ronald:  AND a bacon buuurgeeer with some cheeeeeeeeeeeese!

Ronald:  Yay!  We're done!  Can we eat the foodies now Miss Bimmoo?

Bimmer:  Ronald, we still have Day 11 and Day 12.

Ronald:  Oh yeah.

Bimmer:  Come on everybody, we'll go have a treat.  Last rehearsal tomorrow night!

Everyone: (EVEN Lila)  YAYYYYY!

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