Tuesday, November 19, 2013

WOW #75: The Twelve Buppies of Christmas, Part Two

Bimmer:  Good evening everyone and thank you for joining us for the next segment of our Christmas pageant rehearsal.  The buppies are SO excited to see you again!  Now, let me get them started before they all need to go out.  Buppies!  Are you ready?

Buppies:  Yes Miss Bimmoo!

Bimmer:  Good!  Now we'll start with Day 3.  Charity Lynn?  Take it away!

Charity Lynn: (from podium)  Iz weady Miss Bimmoo!  *sings* On the third day of Christmas my buppy gave to me:  THREE french fries!

Mary Jane:  Two frosty milkshakes!

Ronald:  And a BACON BURGER with some cheese!

Bimmer:  VERY good buppies.  I am SO proud! (whispers) SEE Bentley?  I told you they could do it!

Bentley:  Great Job kids!

Bimmer:  Okay!  Day Four, Walter, it's your turn.

Walter:  I can't remember my lines.

Bimmer and Bentley:  (in a whisper)  On the fourth day of Christmas...

Walter:  Oh yeah!  (runs out to podium)  AHEM!  On the fourth day of Christmas my buppy gave to me:  FOUR duck feeties!

Charity Lynn:  (nearly knocks Walter off the podium in her hurry to climb up) Three french fries!

Charity Lynn: (leaps off podium and cannons in to Mary Jane as she scampers back to her spot)

Bimmer:  Oh dear!  Be more careful Charity Lynn!

Charity Lynn:  Iz sowwy Mary Jane!  Iz sowwy Walter.

Mary Jane:  That's okay.  Two frosty milkshakes!

Bentley:  (whispers to Bimmer) Mary Jane is a real trouper isn't she?

Bimmer:  Yes.  Shhh!


Bimmer:  Ronald, remember what I told you about shouting.  That was very good....mostly.  Thank you buppies!  I think that's enough for today.  (whispers to Bentley) Is it tequila Thirstday yet?  I could use a margarita!

Bentley:  (snickers)


  1. Bravo! Bravo! *pulls up chair to wait for tomorrow's segment*

  2. yes!! Bravoooooooo!!! you work well with them Bimmer