Thursday, August 4, 2011

WOW #21: Errand Day!

Today was a GOOD day! Not perfect...quite...but very, VERY good! First of all, I got to go to work! On Thursday! Mummy doesn't have to go to those meetings any more, YAY!!

Once we got to work, there was lots going on. I had plenty of visitors to greet. I ran up and down the hall a LOT!

Today was also errand day...well...Auntie A runs the errands by herself most days. Sometimes she lets me go too and we visit the bank and the post office. I LOVE the bank! I have a lot of really great friends there. I think they love ME too, they always give me cookies. Plus on the days when we go inside, there are lots of people to greet. Some of them can't see me, I'm not sure why. Auntie A says not everyone in the world wants to play with me, but I think she's mistaken, don't you? It must be that they can't see me. Poor things.

Anyway TODAY was special because MUMMY came too. When Mummy comes along, we go to TWO banks and THEN we do something REALLY outstanding. You won't believe it! Here's my "TO DO" list for errand day:

1. Make sure Mummy has her leash on, you don't want to lose her.

2. Off to the bank!

"I'd like to make a withdrawal please."

3. Stop by the post office (that's not very interesting) on your way to...

4. ...the SECOND bank!

"Hurry to the window Mummy! I need to make a withdrawal HERE too!"

5. Okay, now the fun REALLY begins! We went to lunch at my favorite, FAVORITE place! Five Guys!

If you don't have a Five Guys near you, you should hurry and GET one as fast as you can!

6. You buy the food inside. This is what it looks like from Basset level:

The serving counter. (VERY important!)

The waiting/dining area

and the door.

******Of course I didn't REALLY get to go in. You see there's this silly rule in Virginia about dogs not being allowed in restaurants. (I'm sure the people at Five Guys would love for me to visit if it weren't for that rule, they're all so nice!) Auntie A took the photos for me by getting down on my level. She said I should be sure and say that the manager was kind enough to give permission for that. While she was in there, she also got our food.******

7. LUNCH TIME! Yum yum!!

MMMMmmmm! Oh Mummy! Oh Mummy, hurry and pass it back here! Smells WONDERFUL! I wish all of you could smell this!

Five Guys makes the absolute "bestest" hamburgers anywhere! I LOVE them!!

Mummy and Auntie A both love their fries too. They say the fries are every bit as good as the burgers and they're always hot and fresh too! I'm not much of a fry hound, so we'll have to take their word on that. I'm sure it's true. Mummy and Auntie A know their fries. Anyway, I just let them eat all the fries or as many as they can anyway. Five Guys is also VERY generous with their fries. I just concentrate on my delicious burger.

8. After eating, go back to work. I thought we should go to the Cookie/Dog Toy Store, but Mummy said we had to do some more work, so back we went.

It WAS nice to have a little rest after all that excitement.

What a great day! Hope YOURS was equally good!


  1. We have a Five Guys here in TN too Bentley! I must talk Daddy into getting me a burger sometime soon. Looks yummy!

  2. i will have to try that soon to!

  3. Yeah Roscoe! They're really yummy! I like the ones with melty cheese all over them, but Mummy just got one with bacon this time.