Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WOW #30: Introducing Bimmer!

Hi Everyone! I'm finally back from camp. It was lots of fun and very exciting! We had earth shakes and hurricanes! Camp Mom and Camp Dad lost electricity during the storm, but they have a generator so Camp Dad and Turbo were able to keep up with all their favorite teams!

I'd like to say special thank yous to the Lovely Beatrice, my Cousin Buster and my good friend Lizzie for filling in for me last week. You all did an awesome job!

And now for my BIG news....

THIS is my beautiful new sister, Bimmer! Mummy brought her home yesterday when she got back from her trip. (Yes that's right, another car! Can't fool you at all can we? My Cousin D says we have a fleet now!)

Bimmer used to be a show girl (umm dog, used to be a show DOG) but she didn't like that life. Her owners retired her and looked for a good home for her and that's when they found MY Mummy who is a SUPER good home!

Last night she was a little nervous in her new home until Turbo and I got there. Then she was pretty happy. We spent the evening getting to know each other. Things got a little hairy when Auntie A came over with some new patients for me and Bimmer thought they were new "friends" for her. Bimmer had some "friends" at her old home. Here's one of them:

Before I could explain to Bimmer that these were PATIENTS not "friends" Mummy took them and put them away! I hope they didn't need immediate surgery! They might DIE before Mummy remembers where she put them!

After that, Bimmer spent some time checking stuff out...

And I sat on the sofa with Mummy while she talked with Auntie A.

After a while, Bimmer came over too, but she doesn't know how to get on the sofa yet.

So she just stayed beside us....

...and watched TV...

...and watched Auntie A take pictures...

...and peeked over the coffee table.

THEN she went and got on my little sofa....

...I wasn't sure I liked that...

...but I wanted to be a nice brother so I didn't say anything...

...when she got up though, I went over there and got on the little sofa myself...we may need to have some ground rules...

I know all about brothers from Turbo, but I don't know much yet about sisters. I'm not sure what you're supposed to do with them. Mummy and Auntie A work together, but Mummy says Bimmer is too shy to go to work, she'll be happier at home guarding the sofa with Turbo.

Mummy and Auntie A also go out to eat together THAT would be a GREAT idea! Bimmer and I can go to my favorite place:

We can get hamburgers and drinks and...I wonder if she likes fries? I don't but maybe Bimmer does. Well...she can have ALL the fries if she wants! (See what a good brother I can be?) We'll both have to have our own hamburgers though. I'll tell Auntie A to order one for each of us.

Oooh! And while Bimmer's getting over being so shy, maybe I should go to Five Guys with just Mummy and Auntie A...

...for practice you know....

THAT would be a GOOD plan!

Now I have to go. I don't want to neglect my new sister! Night all!


  1. YEAH for new sisters Bentley!!!! And Five Guys, of course :-)

  2. Yay! Great pictures. Welcome to tha family, Bimmer

  3. Congratulations on your new sister, Bentley! Winston will tell you that sisters are awesome, but you have to be nice to them. Share your treats and toys with her. Oh and share your little sofa! Maybe your Momma can buy another sofa and you can each have your own! Good idea :)

    Welcome to your new home, Bimmer. You're a very pretty girl!

  4. Good idea Molly! I'll tell Mummy to get us another sofa.