Friday, August 26, 2011

WOW #29 FOB (Friends of Bentley) #3: Lizzie

Hi everybody! I never wrote anything before. I hope I do it right. You'll love me anyway won't you? Most people do you know.

My name is Elizabeth...or Liz...or Lizzie.

I was named for Elizabeth Taylor. Guess why?

I have a big sister named Kasey.

(She's nicer than she looks)

And a little brother named Newman.

Isn't he just SOOOO handsome?

I have very busy days so I always make sure to start off with a good breakfast.

Then I get a drink from my own special glass.

There! Now that the most important matters are taken care of, I can get my day started. I have a very big responsibility in the morning: helping my Purrson get ready for her day.

We start off in the bathroom. Purrson spends a lot of time in here doing all sorts of strange and amazing things! You wouldn't BELIEVE some of the stuff she comes up with!

Next it's on to the bedroom to choose Purrson's outfit for the day.

That one? Hmmm, ummm maybe if I look at it upside down?

Nope, it's definitely a "paws down".

Next it's down the hall to the office so she can check her messages.

Here, let me just scan in this Pet Smart list Kasey and Newman and I made...

Time to check out my pet condo to see if she cleaned it yet.

I may want to have a hurricane party in here this weekend!

Oops! Let me go check on the others. They're awfully quiet.

Kasey? Are you okay? What are you doing? Want me to wash your face? No? Oh well

Newman? What's going on over here? Do you need any help? No? Okay.

Mr Bunny? Do you want someone to sit with you for a while? YOU DO?? Oh good!

I think now would be a good time to play "chase the ball" It entertains Purrson and helps me get my exercise at the same time.

Kasey says "chase the ball" is a stupid game. (No REALLY, she's very nice!)

Well...OCCASIONALLY we have a little spat, but who doesn't?

I think I'll take a little nap now. I'm very tired. Kasey won't mind if I join her.

(Being so nice and all)

Newman's snoozing too. He's been at it awhile. Are all males like that? Kasey says they are.

Oh oh OH! I overslept! I have to hurry right downstairs so I can greet Daddy and tell him all about my day.

I'll just wait right here next to the door because I like to be the first one he says "hi" to when he comes in!

Well that's a pretty typical day for me. I hope you enjoyed hearing about it. Special thanks to Bentley for letting me be a guest on his blog. You know, I've never met him in the fur? Purrson says that I would like him, but Kasey would NOT.

(No, TRULY, she's really very nice. You just have to get to know her.)


  1. WOW, where did all of those cats come from!!!! I would chase dem for hours!

  2. We have 4 kitties and they sleep all day too...just like Newman. They're so much fun to chase!! Too bad they're fast, sharp, and don't like Winston and I :(

  3. Wow Roscoe! Is that what you're supposed to do with them?

  4. Hi Molly! Good to meet you. My brother Turbo told me about how sharp they are. I don't think I want to chase one after all!