Tuesday, August 9, 2011

WOW #23 A Wonderful Place!

Today Mummy took me to another one of my very favorite places: the Cookie-And-Toy store! It's so fun to go there! I had a little trouble convincing her to take me. I had to tell her I needed material for my blog! THEN I acted really pathetic and emaciated (that's a new word I learned from my good friend George on Facebook, thanks George!) Mummy told me I didn't really look very emaciated at all, but she took me to the Cookie-And-Toy store anyway. We took Auntie A with us too. She needs to have more fun, at least that's what I think. Mummy needs more fun too. You SEE? It was really a treat for all of us!

There's lots of stuff to do at the Cookie-And-Toy store so let me tell you a little about the very best places. You don't want to waste time looking at fish and birds or at cat toys. I WOULD like one of those little gerbils or hamsters though. I think that would be a lot of fun but Mummy says "no, absolutely NOT" so I guess we won't be getting one.

Anyway, here's the stuff you don't want to miss:

1. People. There are a lot of people in the Cookie-And-Toy store and they all love dogs!

First I saw this nice lady. She knew all the good places to pet a dog! I really liked her a lot!

THEN I met this really cool guy. He played with me for a long time.

Mummy said that he works for the store. I think he must have the same job I do: official greeter. That's ONE of my jobs anyway, maybe it's only one of HIS jobs too.

See how smart he is? He knows exactly how to treat a dog!

I also met some ladies shopping for cookies-and-toys and a little girl and her family who really liked me a lot!

2. Other dogs. Today I didn't see as many dogs as we sometimes meet. I did make one new friend though.

He was REALLY TALL! We had a nice conversation anyway before Mummy and his daddy made us move on.

3. TOYS! I looked at all the toys. Mummy told me to choose some special ones for us to use as presents. I don't know who the presents are for. I HOPE they're for me! I also hope I don't have to wait until my birthday to get them!

I looked at all the possible assistants to see if I could find a new one. A lot of these seemed to have children and I don't really think it would be good to have all those little ones running around the office, do you?

Hmmm, would any of these make good presents? (wink, wink)

I do NOT think a snake would make a good present! EWWW!

Ahhhh! Now THESE have some possibilities!

Oh Mummy! Oh Mummy! Look! Look! Look! The PERFECT thing!

Oh. Mummy says those are for puppies! I thought I WAS a puppy......Mummy says they're for really little puppies. (Heh heh, I THOUGHT they must be for me! I wonder why Mummy's being so mysterious about it?)

Hey! A cat! I like cats! I have one at home. I play with him a lot! Mummy says she needs to put my cat in the washing machine. I hope he likes water better than most cats! THIS cat is nice and clean.

I don't understand, Mummy. WHAT is the purpose of this thing?

I have to make sure to sniff out ALL the best bargains!

4. Treats! Yippee! I like the cookies and treats even better than the toys!

I want some of these, and some of these, and some of these...oh and some of THOSE. Yum YUM!

5. Food! I think I'll check out the different kinds. Maybe I'd like a NEW brand!

THIS smells good! Look Mummy! It says "healthy fresh and delicious" right there on the box!

It REALLY smells GOOD!

40 pounds WOW! FORTY POUNDS! Look Mummy, I sniffed out another bargain! What? Oh. Mummy says this is puppy food and anyway we don't need any food today. Shucks!

Oh well, we did pretty good I think. Here's our haul:

Not bad huh? Time to go to that last interesting place...

6. The pay counter. This is where you buy all the cookies-and-toys.

They have cookies here too that they GIVE to the dogs! See the big box?

Also, I watched Mummy very carefully and I was RIGHT! She DIDN'T use that flimsy green stuff to pay for our loot! She used the rectangular plastic thing just like I THOUGHT she did! Apparently that green stuff is some sort of joke.

Well that was my trip to the Cookie-And-Toy store. It was SOOO fun! Be sure to get your moms and dads to take YOU as soon as possible! Tonight if you can manage it!


  1. Oh Bentley, what a great trip you had! I really really want my Momma to go out and find a kitteh toy as soon as possible. Also, I have the Birthday Monkey and LUB it!! It is one of my personal faves. Top two! Thankayou for sharing your day!

  2. the green stuff is magiclly put in the plastic thing and the green stuff goes into the regester

  3. It WAS a great trip Bernie, wish you could have been there too! I've been thinking about that monkey ever since I saw yours on Facebook. I was really excited to find one!

  4. Wow A. Nony Mous, thanks for the info! I think I understand now. Are you a German mouse?

  5. I love trips to all Cookie-And-Toy stores. Mommy says it is hard to leave without spending over $50! She has to spoil us :-)