Monday, August 22, 2011

WOW #27 FOB (Friends of Bentley) #1: Beatrice

Hello all! So nice to be back with you again! Bentley asked me to fill in for him today. He got to go to camp while his Mummy is in Saratoga. I have to stay at home to look after things. My Mom and Daddy went to Saratoga too. For some strange reason, they didn't leave me a single chocolate to munch on while they were away. The nerve!

Bentley says he doesn't know why the humans go to look at horses run. I know a little more about it because I live on a horse farm. My Mom trains race horses.

They go because it's exciting.

It's ESPECIALLY exciting if they win some of that green stuff Bentley has mentioned a few times.

Anyway, while Mom and Daddy are gone, I'm looking out for the farm.

You have to keep a close eye on all those horses.

This is Peeps. He was just a baby here. Look at those legs! Real race horse material!

Here he is again, taking his mom for a walk.

A little snack...

Yes a horse farm's a nice place to live!

I'm just keeping an eye on things here though. Mom and Daddy don't expect me to protect the place all by myself. They've hired someone else to do that.

I think she must've been in the CIA or some other super-secret organization before she came here, she doesn't even have a real name!

Her code name is Goat Goat.

She takes her job a little too seriously if you ask me. I don't much like her. No one does, not really. Whenever anyone comes to visit us, she takes off chasing them. She's so MEAN! Everyone's scared of her except me.

(Well...maybe I'm a LITTLE scared)

It would be okay if she'd only chases the bad guys, but she chases everyone, even people like Bentley's mummy, Auntie B and all of Mom's and Daddy's other friends too! I don't know why they put up with her, really I don't!

See?! SEE how she is?! If she doesn't have anyone to chase, she attacks the FENCE!! It's maddening, really it is. I can't even wander around my own farm without having to watch out for her!

Oh well, Mom and Daddy should be home soon. They're not staying as long as Bentley's mummy. I'll just lay low, take it easy and wait for them to come back.


***********Guest Blogger's Note: Many thanks to Bentley for giving me the chance to vent on his blog! Have fun at camp Bentley and be glad you're not here with Goat Goat!**********

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