Tuesday, August 2, 2011

WOW #20 Q & A Part 1

Hello everyone out there in Bassetdom! And there are a LOT of you I know! I've enjoyed meeting all my new Basset friends on Facebook this week! What a fun crew!

Anyway, I thought it was about time I answered some of the questions that have been piling up. I'll try to do that every once in a while. I'll probably get Beatrice to help out with that sometimes because she's so smart! Also, you just need a lady's opinion once in a while.

I thought I'd start with these two questions that I picked because they have basically the same answer.

Q1: Would you teach writing lessons to my class?
From a teacher friend of mine, Ms L

Q2: Do you offer seminars on proper workplace etiquette?
From a business woman I know, Ms. J

The answer is simple. SURE! I'd LOVE to! Just let me know when! There's something you should keep in mind though before you set a date. My spoken vocabulary is rather limited. My most-used word is "woof". Check with your students/employees to make sure they speak fluent Basset or they may not get much out of my lectures. If they need a quick refresher course, here's a handy dandy glossary of commonly used words:

1. "Woof."

(I have information of an important nature to impart. Sit up straight, face forward, spit out your gum and listen carefully. This WILL be on the exam.)

2. "Woof"

(Something is missing here. Hurry up and figure it out, we don't have all day!)

3. "Woof!"

(Break time! Where'd you put the cookies?)

4. "Woof!...Woof!!"

(Mummy! Here I am Mummy! Right here, in the hallway! Mummy? MUMMY!)

5. "Woof!!!"

(Will you kindly CUT THAT OUT?!)

6. "woof...."

(I'm sooooo weak....I just can't go on without cookies....)

7. "woof?"


8. "Woof...squeak??"

(Pretty please with chocolate on top?)

9. "WOOF!"

(Mummy it's time to go downstairs and get cookies...uh...I mean...visit the guys in the shop!)

10. "WooF!!"

(KISS me you fool!)

11. "WOOF WOOF!!"

(It's time to go home NOW!!!)

12. "woof..."

(Do not disturb. Genius at work...)


  1. Very creative Bentley! We are glad you joined the fb world too.

  2. then what does AWWWOOOOOAAAAAAHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh..... mean?

  3. It means, "oh NOOO, my friend's being tortured at the vet!" I said this the other day while taking a nap and later found out that my good friend Beauregard Burnside III was having a run-in with the vet at the time! Hope you're doing lots better Beau!