Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WOW #25: The Price of Fame

I thought it would be so fun to have my own blog and be famous (well, sorta famous) and I was right! It's really fun...most of the time. People stop and tell me how much they enjoy my blog and stay to pet me and rub my belly. Sometimes they even bring gifts!

Sometimes though, it can be a real pain! I found that out the other day when Mummy gave me a new chewie. I LOVE chewies! The very best thing about them, I think, is that you can hide them when you're tired of chewing and come back for them later.

THIS time though, the paparazzi was skulking around and I couldn't find a safe hiding place ANYWHERE!

I'd search out a good place for it and check around to see that I was alone, and there they'd be! Taking another picture!

As soon as I'd lay it down,

someone would snap a picture.

So I'd move it and...

...flash! Another picture!

Then I'd have to run down the hall and grab it!

Finally I had to keep it right with me and watch it every second. I couldn't keep that up long! I had surgeries and filing to do!

My Uncle CB came by and I asked him if HE had a good place to hide it, but he couldn't think of anywhere that I could get to it again and I NEED to be able to get it when I'm ready for some chewing!

I found several good hiding spots that I thought nobody would look in...

...but SOMEBODY kept finding it!

Finally I decided to fake them out with a different chewie.

This one was smaller and easier to hide. See?

No un sufpecf a finc!

(But it's really hard to talk with a chewie hidden in your mouth!

I thought I'd found a good blendy spot here in this out-of-way corner but as you can see I was wrong.

So I came back and tried to bury it. Carpet is a very unforgiving burial medium!

Sigh! I guess I'll just chew on it some more and then...MAYBE then it'll be small enough for me to hide safely! I'll keep you posted!

Oh, and ALL suggestions for good hiding places would be welcome!

*********Blog Guardian's Note: What Bentley was trying to say when he was hiding the chewie in his mouth was "No one suspects a thing!" Thank you.*********


  1. Bentley:

    Continue to work on that one!!

  2. Wow Bentley you have a lot of hiding spots at work! I do not get many chewies because Hannah always steals them from me. She wants to hog them all!!!!

  3. Bentley, try behind the water dish.

  4. Hey Roscoe, Hannah must be like my Momma. She takes our chewies too. Maybe she thinks they aren't good for us?