Saturday, August 6, 2011

WOW #22 Birthdays!

Mummy told me this morning that today is my Grandpa's birthday (Mummy's daddy). At least today would have been his birthday if he were still with us. He's gone to a place called Heaven. Sounds nice. Anyway, he went there before I was ever born Mummy says a LONG time before. Auntie A said Grandpa would have been 87 years old today (you must not get any older once you go to Heaven). That's OLD! REALLY REALLY OLD! But Mummy said Grandpa would have LOVED me. She said he would have come and gotten me and Horton (that's Mummy's truck) and taken us out riding sometimes while Mummy was working...or on the weekends maybe. She says he probably would have acted like it was some big chore he had to do, but he would have loved every minute of it because he loved dogs. He loved hound dogs and bull terrier dogs and all dogs. Auntie A says he also loved cats and I guess he must have. Here's two pictures of Grandpa that Mummy gave me. You'll see why I said he must have loved cats.

Here he is with a whole armload of fuzzy puppies. See how happy he looks?

And HERE he is with Mummy and a couple of LIONS. Now I would think that you'd have to really LOVE cats to hold lions long enough to have your picture made with them!

I'm sorry I never got to meet him. I would have loved him too. I KNOW it! I asked Turbo if HE knew Grandpa and he said no. Grandpa had already gone away even before Turbo came to live with Mummy. THAT's how long it's been!

Anyway, I hope Grandpa had as much fun on HIS birthdays as I've had on mine! I've had two and they were BOTH spectacular! Here's my list of birthday must haves:

1. Decorations. Surprise decorations are the best! Auntie A and Auntie M and Auntie B(Auntie M's sister) all came in after I left work the day before my birthday and put up decorations for me. Here's what you need:

Streamers. All over and all different lengths.

Balloons. Lots....

...and LOTS of balloons!

Fun signs

right at doggie-eye level!

2. You should also get cards. MY card was a singing card and it sang one of my favorite songs!

"Who let the dogs out"!

3. Presents! Everyone needs presents on their birthday!

Here's the giant dinosaur bone Mummy gave me...

...and the football Auntie A gave me (this is when I found out I was a great football player!)...

...and here's the soft toy and rope toy Auntie M gave me. Auntie M gives lots of presents. I LOVE Auntie M!

4. Guests are essential to a good birthday, especially if they bring presents.

Auntie ViolinK and C and M stopped by to give me a belly rub (AHHHHHHH that feels SOOOOO good!) AND presents.

More guests. I thought they were more presents, but it turned out they were guests who were doing a special formation for my birthday: I call it "The Leaning Tower of Birthday Guests."

5. Birthday parties! Gotta have those! My Grandma had a birthday party for all my brothers and my sister and me at her house. My Momma AND my Daddy and Beatrice all came too. It was SOOOO fun!

Here's a group of us getting ready for a party game. Mummy said we moved around so fast she was lucky to get even one picture!

6. Most important for a birthday is the CAKE! Here's our first birthday cake:

If Bella is your sister, you have to be really careful. She really, REALLY likes birthday cake (I think I mentioned this in an earlier blog). She ate my piece of cake before I could even blink! Then Grandma gave me another piece and I barely got the first lick of THAT when Bella scarfed IT up too! So Mummy and Grandma gave me another one and stood guard, guessed it...the mad cake bandit struck again. Mummy said she never saw anything like it! There was this blur and then the piece of cake was GONE! If Bella comes to your birthday party, be sure to ask for your cake in a doggie bag. Then hide it...preferably in your mom's car...with the doors locked...and all the windows closed up tight!

That's how I think birthdays should be celebrated. I bet Grandpa would agree! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!!!!


  1. FROM BENTLEY'S MUMMY: Grandpa would have loved your tribute to him Bentley. And you have something in common with him..Grandpa LOVED birthday cake!

  2. Dat birthday cake looks YUMMY!!!!

  3. I think it probably was Roscoe. Bella certainly thought so!

    Thanks Mummy!!