Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WOW #31: Mummy's Birthday!!

Hello everybody! I've been sooo busy this past week. I had to teach Bimmer a lot of stuff! How to play, how to do Facebook, how to type and so forth. I'm still working on convincing her that her "friends" all need surgery.

Now as you can see, this one CLEARLY needs surgery! You should HEAR the noises it was making! But Bimmer said "no way!"

And don't even get me started on THIS one! We had a big discussion on Facebook about how badly this one needs an operation! See? Even Turbo agrees!

Oh well, I'll keep working on her.

TODAY Auntie A brought a cake to work. It was Mummy's birthday cake!

It was only about a week late. Mummy's birthday was last Tuesday, the day Bimmer came to live with us. We're not complaining though! Auntie A said she was expecting to lose electricity during the hurricane and didn't want the ingredients spoiling in her refrigerator instead of being used in the cake.

I gave Mummy MY presents early!

Auntie M helped me with the shopping.

I gave her these special plates. I LOVE pizza and I gave her a pizza cookbook for Christmas, but for some reason, she never made any......I thought maybe these plates would inspire her.

And of COURSE no birthday would be complete without a huge supply of cookies! I gave her this big box. It should last us a few hours anyway.

Back to the cake though:

I was very interested when Mummy showed it to me. She says this kind is a German chocolate cake with a rum chocolate buttercream frosting on the sides. MMMmmmm!

I had to remind Mummy SEVERAL times that the Lovely Beatrice has determined that chocolate is really safe for dogs, but FINALLY she gave me a little. Not NEARLY enough though!



...taste, slurp, scarf...

...sometimes you have to follow the plate around....

...sheesh! I think this plate has wheels!

Umm, Mummy? Somebody ATE all of mine....or...or maybe you forgot to give me any? Mummy???

(Sigh) She didn't give me any more. You just can't fool a mummy like mine. She's too smart!

I hope I can have more tomorrow! That would be super FANTASTIC! I LOVE birthdays! I wonder whose we celebrate next? I'll have to ask Mummy. MUMMY!!!!! (See you later everybody!)

*******Blog Guardian's note: Bentley managed to get his Mummy to give him a taste of chocolate cake, but we STILL don't recommend chocolate for dogs, despite the Lovely Beatrice's testimonial.*********


  1. Yummy cake!!!!! I have never had cake Bentley! I think Bimmer will catch on soon :-)

  2. Cake is the BEST!! My Momma's birthday is in a month...I hope Daddy gets her a cake ;)

  3. Bently! So nice to see your blog! I have to say you are a handsome lad! And I know handsome lads, since I have one myself (Basset-lad of course)!
    I think it's WONDERFUL you get to go to work with your mama! That's soo cool : ) I love your friends too...I especially think it was pretty cool to hear from Buster. I know the smaller furry critters at our house are always vying for attention, so maybe Bowser will let them on his blog someday, too.
    Turbo and Bimmer are also both very cute! I have a special love for bassets, of course, but I also really like bull terriers as well!
    Very cute!
    Bowser says "Bentwy, one tyme i got to hab chocolate too! I had vawentines fwom da countah, an a bag of chocolate chip cookie mix dat i got aww ovah my face an da carpet! Den I twied to eat da carpet where it wuz! :) chocolate is GUD!"

  4. Roscoe! You should have cake as soon as possible! I never had one like this before either and you probably remember my sister Bella ate all of MY birthday cake. It's really GOOD! I hope you and Hannah get one SOON!

  5. Hey Molly. Cake IS the best isn't it? You'll have to keep reminding your daddy so he won't forget. Everyone tells me daddies are sort of memory challenged.

  6. Hi Bowser and Bowser's mom! Bowser that chocolate chip cookie mix sounds GOOD! I bet the carpet tasted good too after you put the cookie mix on it! I LOVE chocolate and the Lovely Beatrice says that it's perfectly safe! Sometimes I just don't understand the humans.

    I called Buster on his cell phone to let him know about his fans. He was thrilled, but I'd like to know why HE has a cell phone and I don't!

    Thanks for all your compliments and have a great, SAFE weekend!