Sunday, September 18, 2011

WOW #34 Happy Ending!

What a relief! Let me tell you what happened last night! You probably remember that we had just gotten the ransom note when I signed off.

Well we were all very upset and wondering what to do. Bimmer wanted to call the FBI! Fortunately, her famous cousin, Sheriff Wyatt (well known for his tracking abilities) stepped in! He immediately recognized the infamous Terry the Terrierist AKA "Flumpy" (I don't blame him for changing his name!) The Terrierist has not been on the watch list long but he's already known for such dastardly deeds as chewing up chair legs, stealing valuables, and sending ransom notes (which are ALWAYS misspelled!) Next Sheriff Wyatt put his famous nose to the ground and sniffed out some clues on the accomplice. He's not as well known but has been seen several times recently with The Terrierist. His name is ReddLipps the Chimp (if you've been following us on Facebook: originally our information showed his name as RedLips but we have since received updates from a reliable source) Though not as infamous as The Terrierist, he's well-known for his monkey-business.

Here's a recent photo of the Lambnappers. You can SEE what desperate characters they are!

Sheriff Wyatt gathered together his posse which consisted of two helpful German Shepherds (they all have great police dog skills you know, even if they've never served on the force!) and Hill, a Doberman friend of ours from a nearby farm. Apparently the Lambnappers got wind of this and they panicked! We found poor little Lambchops at our front door, unharmed. (At least that's what Bimmer says...she won't let me examine her and see if she needs surgery!)

Lambchops was SOOOOO glad to be home again!

And Bimmer was SOOOOO glad to see her, she gave her LOTS of kisses!

After that we all settled down and wrote Sheriff Wyatt and his posse a heartfelt thank you note, then we decided to get some sleep. It was a VERY LONG day!

Turbo said that HE would protect Lambchops during the night! Bimmer was very thankful to him. Turbo can look very FIERCE when he wants to and she knew her little Lambie would be safe!

We haven't heard any more about The Terrierist and ReddLipps. As Auntie A said, the Larcenous Lambnappers are on the Lam! Keep your eyes peeled for them in YOUR neighborhood! I'll keep you updated as events unfold!


  1. YEAH!!!! Glad Bimmer has here lampchop back home! Happy Monday!

  2. Thanks Roscoe! Happy Monday to you too, and be sure to keep an eye out for The Terrierist and ReddLipps in your area. Who knows where they'll go next?