Saturday, September 17, 2011


Hi everyone. (sniff) We're having a VERY BAD DAY here! It started out okay. We were taking a little nap on the sofa and enjoying our lazy Saturday when suddenly, Bimmer looked around and Lambchops was GONE!!

We're all so upset! We immediately posted her picture on Facebook hoping SOMEBODY might have some information...

And you know what?! Lots of people blamed ME! *I* didn't do it!!!!! I was right there WITH Bimmer on the couch! Turbo didn't do it either, he's too mature for stunts like that!

We all sat down and had a brainstorming session trying to figure out what COULD have happened, but we just couldn't come up with a single thing.

Then a little while ago, we got THIS!

SEE?! I TOLD you I didn't do it! They can't even spell!

NOW we don't know WHAT to do! We can't just go around giving away all our Milkbones! When Auntie A saw the picture she said she thought one of the kidnappers looked like the terrierist that was chewing up all our chairs earlier this week. We looked at the picture again and she's RIGHT! It's the same beast! And he's got Lambchops!

We need to contact the police now, I'll keep you posted on developments!

(Poor little Lambchops will REALLY need surgery BAD after all this!!)

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  1. The Terrierist and RedLips the Chimp were on the run but when they found out that Sheriff Wyatt (a renowned Tracking cousin of Bimmer's) and two helpful German Shepherds and Hill, a Doberman friend from a nearby farm were all tracking them down, they panicked and brought Lambchops home. The Terrierist and RedLips are still on the lam...