Monday, September 12, 2011


Okay, okay so I'm not REALLY home alone. Turbo and Bimmer are here too! Poor Mummy has a cold so she said I should stay home today. I tried to convince her to let ME go to work while SHE stayed home which seems only logical to me, but she said "no" so I had to agree. (I didn't want to make her feel any WORSE after all!)

We've had an interesting morning so far. Once Mummy left for work, we all settled in to watch TV. (That was Turbo's choice for an activity.) It wasn't long until Bimmer and I got we had a game of tag. We ran around and around the house so fast it was like a whirlwind! Turbo got Mummy's vacuum---"to clean up our mess" he said---and THAT made us run some more. (It's such a shame Auntie A isn't here to take pictures!) Then Bimmer thought it would be a good idea to bark at the vacuum. (Turbo had finished cleaning by this time.) We barked and growled and barked and I did my squeaky whistle, but it just sat there. I guess we fixed IT! Ha HA!!

Oh hey! Turbo says HE can get us some pictures!!

Bimmer thought it would be a good time to play with her "friend" Lambchop. That sheep needs a serious operation! I don't know WHY she's being so stubborn! She'll barely let me LOOK at it!

Next she played with the kitty cat. She won't let me do surgery on HIM either! His feet are HUGE! Way bigger than his body! I'm sure I need to do some exploratory surgery and probably some liposuction STAT!

Turbo couldn't get her to let us look at them either and he's supposed to be in charge when Mummy's not here! Bimmer just doesn't understand...

...hey wait a did Turbo get THIS picture?

After a while we got hungry and decided to have some lunch. Nobody could open the refrigerator though... I had to get online and order a pizza. I used Mummy's credit card to pay for it.

As soon as I was done, Turbo asked me how we were going to GET the pizza when the pizza man gets here, since the door is locked???


SO....I had to get back on the computer and change our order to 3 personal size pizzas and tell them to shove them through the mail slot.

And now: we wait....

....and wait.......and WAIT!! (sigh)



  1. Behave Bentley...I don't want you to get into trouble. You are SOOOOO lucky you do not have to get crated like me. I have a history of tearing things up when I am left home :-(

  2. My Mummy wanted to train me to stay in a crate but I cried and howled and carried on so she didn't have the heart! There's a good reason why my Auntie A calls me Sir Bentley Olivier!